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He is working on Linux 2.6.x support for
Compulab's ARMCore-GX (system on a board).
This embedded system uses the Intel's XScale
PXA255 processor. Cross platform development
is done on both Intel i686 and PowerPC (Mac Mini)
platforms (thanks to Ubuntu!)





Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia



CST +0930


pschulz01, beebo


AustralianTeam BugSquad EnglishTranslation



FF07 0E0F

People I Owe Beers/Pizza To

  • jmitch - help with 'keyboard' accessability issue (My keys don't work!)
  • Hobbsee - help with 'keyboard' accessability issue (My keys don't work!)
  • bimbari
  • greebo - Software Freedom Day ideas and promotional material


The following links are to Wiki pages that I have created, have contributed to, or are collaborating on.



A Brief Introduction (to me)

Paul is currently working as System Administrator for YourAmigo, an Adelaide company doing 'googly' stuff.

Up until very recently, Paul worked on embedded Linux systems for Rbbway Crane Safety Systems. In past lives he has worked with large SQL databases (education), been a Unix/Linux System Administrator (defence), and developed network managment software (startup). Oh, yeah and he also studied Physics and Mathematics at the University of Adelaide.

He is also involved in LinuxSA (The South Australian Linux User Group, and has given presentations on topics of personal interest, ranging from distributed computing, embedded Linux and 'git'.

He enjoys having a local public library that he can walk to, although he has to bring his own software (Portable Apps.) as they are yet to appriciate the benefits of Free and Open Source.

Paul maintains a community news site ([ MawsonLakes.Org ]) and is in the habit of passing out Ubuntu and TheOpenCD CD's whenever he can.

Immediate Plan for Ubuntu Involvement

  • Continue my contributions on the AustralianTeam.

  • Work (locally) on Bug #1
  • Help out where I can.


Open Source


  • Organising Committee Member (Helper/Volunteer wrangler) for Linux.Conf.Au 2004 (Adelaide)
  • Organised Embedded Miniconf (1/2 day) at Linux.Conf.Au 2006

My Todos

  • [Done] Sign 'Code of Contact'
  • [Done] Describe some of the things I am currently involved in.
  • [Done] Add name to next Council agenda
  • Sign up as a maintainer

Other Ideas

  • Ubuntu Installfest in School Holidays with Dapper.
  • Contact South Australian Education Department about distributing Dapper.
  • Building local community support and infrustructure.
  • Contact CISA re. making Dapper available for Not-for-profit groups.

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