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 {*} '''''Boy/Girl Scouts Computer Merit Badge Counseling'''''
     * Register in local councils as computer merit badge counselor(s)
     * Teach scouts the required computer skills using Ubuntu

Key Details


  • Ubuntu Events across Pennsylvania

    • Active Event Locations
      • Philadelphia
      • Harrisburg/York/Lancaster
      • Susquehanna County
    • Target Areas for future development
      • Lehigh Valley
      • Pittsburgh
      • Erie
      • Scranton Wilkes-Barre
      • State College
      • Williamsport

    Ubuntu Free (as in freedom) BBQ

    • A barbecue with free food for people! Less technical and more social. Will have flyers and cds but the primary goal of this will just be to schmooze and hopefully some of the events we've had will come and join the team.

    Ubuntu Free Software Day Extravaganza

    • [ Initial forum thread for philly FSD event]

    • Put together events across the state
      • All posted on the website calendar, supported by local LUGs whenever possible, and publicized through the Media

    Ubuntu Mt. Airy Learning Tree

    • Setup downstairs classroom with an LTSP server
    • Setup a PC that can act as a server for mass imaging
    • Work with Wynne to build contacts with schools for Ubuntu installations
    • Teach classes through MALT on Ubuntu installation / configuration

    Ubuntu Nonprofit Technology Resources

    • Continue work with the Linux laptop project. Possibly branch out to installing Ubuntu on higher end desktops.
    • Provide a Ubuntu installation option at all of NTR's workshops

    Ubuntu Open Borders Project

    • Setup ESL classrooms with LTSP so they can learn OO on Ubuntu

    Ubuntu Girls Inc

    • Provide follow-up support at either MALT or NTR

    Ubuntu Media Action Team Plan

    • Develop a media action team
    • Develop a media action plan
    • Develop a complete media contact list for the state
      • Newspapers across the state
      • Television stations
      • Radio stations
      • Local Internet sights
      • Library contact lists

    Ubuntu Afterschool Edubuntu Labs Program

    • Solicit Computer Donations
    • Put together Computer labs at churches and community centers for "at risk" kids by economically challenged demographic areas

    Ubuntu Boy/Girl Scouts Computer Merit Badge Counseling

    • Register in local councils as computer merit badge counselor(s)
    • Teach scouts the required computer skills using Ubuntu


List here acivities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:

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