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== About ==
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== Date, Time and Location ==

 {*} '''Date''': Thursday, February 18, 2010

 {*} '''Time''': 7-9PM (to be confirmed, may run later)

 {*} '''Location''': [[|Millersville University's Ganser Library]]

Millersville University: Open Options: Remix Computing with Open Source Software Event


Millersville University in Millersville (near Lancaster) is hosting an event called Open Options: Remix Computing with Open Source Software

The event is designed to introduce students and faculty to the concept and philosophy of open source software. It will consist of approximately a 1 hour round table discussion on Open Source and approximately 1 hour of casual demonstrations, discussion and questions (think: tables with demos, people wandering around, cookies, coffee, chat).

More detail about this event is being discussed on the mailing list, starting with this post:, you can also contribute to discussion on the forum:

The Ubuntu Pennsylvania team has been invited to participate by:

  1. Participating in the roundtable
  2. Doing F/OSS software demos
  3. Other ideas?

Contact Bryan Behrenshausen (behrenshausen -AT- gmail -DOT- com) directly if you're interested in participating in the roundtable.

See below to sign up for demonstrations or email Elizabeth Krumbach at

Date, Time and Location

Demonstration ideas

  • Photo editing software (gimp, inkscape)
  • IM software (empathy, pidgin)
  • Music software
  • Torrenting software
  • Office software (maybe include Crossover options?)
  • Discuss the Software Center (thousands of free applications for free)




Suzie Example

Evolution email client

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