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||Andrew Keyes|| ||I'll be there in the morning, lending a hand where I can and taking photos.||

Software Freedom Day at PACS

The Philadelphia team will be promoting free software at the Philadelphia Area Computer Society on September 19th 2009 from 8:30AM to 3:15PM.

This event is being dedicated to Matthew Rosewarne, who passed away far too young in August 2009. His passion for Free Software was an inspiration. We will have a collection for a donation to the EFF in his memory.


Community Center at the Super Giant Food Store in Willow Grove PA 315 York Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090




There is the lobby - the eating/lounge type area/ and the outside cafe - so don't limit any ideas you or someone else may come up with!

  • Demos?
    • At our last SFD event at PACS, the free software that worked on Windows and Linux was a hit, have demos of the major ones: Firefox, Gimp, Audacity, others?
    • MythTV demo to complement presentation
    • Netbook running Ubuntu
    • Your idea here
  • Freebies
    • Stuff we get from SFD folks
    • Limited Ubuntu CDs
    • Mythbuntu CDs
    • MythTV Resources and Local User Groups List Flyer (Harding)
    • Your idea here
      • Add to software that runs on Windows and Linux, GNUCash, Evolution, Google Chrome, and Handbrake.


Want to help us run the Ubuntu Pennsylvania tables at this event? Sign up! Unsure of what you can help with? Just say "Volunteer" in the Task line and we'll find something for you to do (hand out CDs, talk about Ubuntu, take pictures...)




Ms. Example



Elizabeth Krumbach

Community, Sysadmin, Software Packaging

Running Ubuntu demos, explaining how F/OSS works

Jim Fisher


Consume Caffeine/Redbull and Socialize



Bring system w/ mythtv not working

Alex Launi

Programming, Software Packaging

Talking about why being a FOSS developer rules!

Randy Gold

Jonathan Simpson

Introducing people to IRC/Freenode

Andrew Keyes

I'll be there in the morning, lending a hand where I can and taking photos.

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