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 * It is impossible to store more than 15GB of data.  * It is impossible to store more than 1.5GB of data.

All Ubuntu Members who have signed the Code of Conduct are granted SFTP access to a Web-accessible directory on If you fall into this category, you can connect with the following information:



The 'Name' field from


Any valid keys from



Base URL


  • Use of this service should be with the aim of helping Ubuntu in some way
  • Content you upload should be:
    • Free (as defined by Ubuntu)
    • Your personal information and should not be misrepresented as an official part of the Ubuntu project
  • This service is offered gratis and on a best effort basis
    • We will need to apply limitations to your use of this service, including disk quotas (about which, see below) and bandwidth restrictions
  • We reserve the right to remove content which is any of the following:
    • Not related to Ubuntu
    • Clearly offensive
    • Could trigger legal action
    • Otherwise interfere with this or other Ubuntu services

Please see the Legal Page for the full terms and conditions.


This space is subject to quota restrictions. There is a 1GB "soft" quota, with a 1.5GB "hard" limit, and a 7-day grace period. In practice, this means:

  • If the stored data total less than 1GB, nothing special happens.
  • It is impossible to store more than 1.5GB of data.
  • Any amount between 1GB and 1.5GB triggers the "grace" countdown:
    • Once the grace period has expired, further uploads of data will be halted until the account drops below 1GB used for a pre-set period of time.


I have been an Ubuntu Member for a long time. Why does my account not exist?

Only Ubuntu Members who have explicitly signed the Code of Conduct in Launchpad are granted access to this service.

I uploaded a new key. Why doesn't it work yet?

Access credentials on are updated at regular intervals, and rely on the work of some periodic events on the Launchpad server. Your change could take up to two hours to take effect.

I am under the 1.5GB hard quota limit. Why can't I upload files?

If you have been between the 1GB "soft" limit and the 1.5GB "hard" limit for a week or more, you will be unable to upload any more data until you fall below the soft limit again.

I have a dataset that is critical to the development of Ubuntu, but it is larger than 1.5GB. How can I publish it?

Mail and describe what you are trying to accomplish.

What does this mail about my quota "violation" really mean?

The quota package was written with a University setting in mind, and does not allow administrators to change the warning mail template. See Bug 393396 for more information.

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