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==Me and GNU/Linux== == Me and GNU/Linux ==
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==More about me== == More about me ==
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==Contact== == Contact ==

Me and GNU/Linux

Ubuntu is my first GNU/Linux experience and I'll really enjoy it (to be honest I tried Suse for a couple of days before). After my first try back in July 2006 (I'm still a newbie :() I fallen in love with it and cant change OS any more Wink ;) It is a specially the community and the ease of use that made me choose Ubuntu. I still have a lot to learn but I would be pleased to help any buddy out there, if their problems don't overcomes my knowledge. Never the less I also enjoy meeting people and would be happy to share a beer with any « Swiss » Ubuntero.

More about me

At the moment I'm still student at the University of Applied Sciences Wester Switzerland. But I hope to by an IT Manager in February 2008 (hope doesn't really takes place there I'm working for).


Patrick Murena 1040 Echallens VD Email: MailTo(patrick.murena AT gmail DOT com) Aka Peppy ( if peppy is already used)


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