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I still have a lot to learn but I would be pleased to help any buddy out there, if their problems don't overcomes my knowledge. Never the less I also enjoy meeting people and would be happy to share a beer with any « Swiss » Ubuntero.

Me and GNU/Linux

Ubuntu is my first GNU/Linux experience and I'll really enjoy it (to be honest I tried Suse for a couple of days before). After my first try back in July 2006 (I'm still a newbie Sad :( ) I fallen in love with it and cant change OS any more Wink ;) . It's a specially the community and the ease of use that made me choose Ubuntu.

More about me

At the moment I'm still student at the University of Applied Sciences Wester Switzerland. But I hope to by an IT Manager in February 2008 (hope doesn't really takes place there I'm working).


Patrick Murena

1040 Echallens VD

Email: MailTo(patrick.murena AT gmail DOT com)

Aka Peppy ( if peppy is already used)


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