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Zürich, Switzerland

About Me

Hi, I'm a System Administrator at Google Switzerland GmbH (Zurich) (moved a couple months ago from Brazil to Switzerland). Some months ago I was a SysAdmin on Google Brazil Ltda and one year ago a University Professor (I have a Master Degree in Computer Science) at Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil. My disciplines were: Operating Systems, Algorithms, Mobile Computing and Distributed Systems.

I use GNU/Linux since 1998 and now my distribution is Ubuntu Hardy. I'm actually a member of Free Software Foundation and create Ubuntu/Debian packages for utilization inside Google Inc.

I coordinate a project to create telecenters in a lower class neighborhood in Brazil. The first telecenter is on a neighborhood called Bairro das Indústrias in Belo Horizonte (capital of Minas Gerais state on Brazil) and uses Edubuntu.

I organized an Ubuntu Day on the University taught joint with LoCo Team. This Ubuntu Day was: Some lectures from LoCo team, a install fest and CD/DVD distribution with 80-100 students participation.

I'm already an Ubuntu member in Brazil, but would like to be a present member in EMEA now that I moved to Zurich :).

More info on my publications curriculum (pt-BR).

Why am I an Ubuntero?

I've already contributed with Ubuntu:

What do I want to do in Ubuntu?

  • Become a Ubuntu Member (Done)
  • Become a Ubuntu Member in Europe Smile :)

  • Become a MOTU Developer
  • Become a Core Developer
  • Work in Ubuntu Server Team


Mario Meyer

"I can testify that Pereira has helped a lot in conferences and events. He stood with us on the stands, helped new users, debugged stuff on the stand, distributed media and lots more. He has done also a good job taking Ubuntu to the academic sphere of his job, an attitude that helps disseminating Ubuntu among a important critical mass that is being formed in the Brazilian university. Thus, I would recommend him being approved for membership for his strong advocating and helping." -- MarioMeyer


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