Peter Kmet

I live in the greatest country in the world - Canada in the greatest of its provinces - British Columbia. I came to Canada in 1984 from Slovakia and that is the reason you can find my work in translations of the Documentation pages, painstakingly building SlovakDocumentation

The top page of Slovak documentation is The items enclosed in square brackets used to be the working links before the page went through some work from "Documentation Team". However, all these links are accessible from the "talk" page of SlovakDocumentation. Why somebody feeled so strong about disabling the links on the page is beyond me.

As you can find on the forementioned talk page of SlovakDocumentation there are further pages of Documentation in Slovak:

- Kódex Správania Sa - [Ubuntu Code of Conduct] -

- Ako sa dostať k Ubuntu Linux - [Getting Ubuntu] -

- Stiahnutie Ubuntu Linux ISO - -

- Príručka užívateľa - -

- Ako začať -

- ISO Zobrazenie CD - -

- Pomoc pri zostavovaní a aktualizácii stránok - [HelpOnEditing] -

I have traslated all of these from originals displayed here in the square brackets.

That's it folks for now.

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