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About me

  • 19 years young Smile :-)

  • Student at the University of Manchester, UK
  • Member of the LaptopTestingTeam

What does GNU/Linux mean for me?

Red Hat may tell you Linux is about security, Novell about identity and Microsoft about a group of hackers in their basement trying to make software.

For me GNU/Linux is about a community of individuals making more secure, more open and more flexible software in a way that has never been done before.

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Tested Ubuntu on HP Pavilion ZE2355EA
  • Proposed a gconf schema to be added to gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse

A day after I gave my older brother an Ubuntu Breezy CD he came to with a problem he was experiencing when copying music stored on his computer to his MP3 player. He told me that when he created coppied music from his CDs the resultant songs were saved as Ogg files to which his MP3 didn't recognise.

My brother is in no way a technical user and so instead of directing him to documentation I thought Id go round to his house and help out. From reading the forums and some sound juicer documentation that I found that quite a few people had similar problems 1,2,3. After further investigation I discovered that encoding MP3s required the user to add a new gconf profile with the appropriate pipeline, this explained why in the default install my brother could only encode to Ogg and Flac formats.[

Now I had solved my problem and my brothers for that matter I thought I should see if I could get the fix back into Ubuntu, so I looked up the maintainer of the gstreamer0.10 ugly packages, which contained the codecs for MP3, and went to #ubuntu-motu to find him/her :-). After telling Seb about my problem he explained that It would be fairly easy to encorporate the change and asked me which pipeline Id like. The next day I found that indeed there was an update to the package and when viewing the changelog discovered that it added the MP3 encoding profile. Many thanks to Seb for responding so quickly with an updated package.

gst-plugins-ugly-multiverse0.10 (0.10.2-2) dapper; urgency=low

  • Add gconf schema for an encoding profile for LAME. This is only
    • installed when gconf is available at install time.

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