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 * ["Microsoft Office"] ''(Looking good, maybe add a bit on checking supported Office versions/Crossover)''  * ["Microsoft Office"] ''(Looking good, taken out of cleanup)''

Bug triager, occassional en_GB translator, .desktop file meddler, wikidoc editor and Ubuntu user (of course). Interests in PyGTK development and usability. I'm off to university soon to do an Astrophysics degree.

Aims for 2006

  • Provide a useful PyGTK project
  • Triage a massive amount of bugs
  • Help to improve the wikidocs
  • Make our .desktop files rock
  • Learn to package for MOTU


Docs I'm working on:


I'm a member of the bugsquad.

Current Projects


Ask me to get off my arse and do something Wink ;) Feel free to list any requests you might have of me here. Or even better, e-mail me to tell me to do something.

  • No requests...


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