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''Philbull - You're doing great work on the wiki, but please try not to duplicate pages & content that already exist. I've redirected one of your pages already, and I think some of your other new creations could be rolled into existing pages - there is a HowToGetHelp page that seems to fit.''

''Please consider joining the DocumentationTeam mailing list, and the MarketingTeam list as well, to co-ordinate the work we all do on the wiki! Thanks, and keep up the great work! If you want to contact me directly, my email address is on my [:Madpilot:wiki homepage]'' -- Madpilot [[DateTime(2006-01-11T10:41:41Z)]]

GNOME Usability contributor, occassional en_GB translator and Ubuntu user (of course). Interests in PyGTK and GNOME development and usability.


Aims for 2006:

  • Provide useful PyGTK project for GNOME users
  • Evangelise, evangelise, evangelise
  • Comprehensive usability reviews on core GNOME apps


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