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GNOME Usability contributor, occassional en_GB translator, bug triager and Ubuntu user (of course). Interests in PyGTK development and usability. I'm off to university soon to do an Astrophysics degree.

Aims for 2006

  • Provide a useful PyGTK project
  • Triage a massive amount of bugs
  • Help to improve the wikidocs
  • Make our .desktop files rock
  • Learn to package for MOTU


Docs I'm working on:

  • InstallingSoftware (mostly done, in a usable state at least)

  • MigratingFromWindows (needs work)

  • SwitchingFromWindows (needs focus and probably needs merging with MigratingFromWindows)

  • GraphicsApplications (looking good, out of cleanup)

  • WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper (needs testing, which I can't do. Needs another cleanup)

  • ["Beagle"] (looking OK, some instructions need testing)

  • ["Microsoft Office"] (Looking good, maybe add a bit on creating launchers for the apps and checking Office versions)


I'm a member of the bugsquad.

Current Projects


Ask me to get off my arse and do something Wink ;) Feel free to list any requests you might have of me here. Or even better, e-mail me to tell me to do something.

  • No requests...