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Documentation guy, wiki editor, DocBook wrangler, former bug triager, occassional en_GB translator, erstwhile .desktop file meddler, and Ubuntu user (of course). My interests are in documentation, user assistance, usability and PyGTK development. I'm currently studying Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, UK.


I'm an active member of the Doc Team, and spend most of my Ubuntu-time committing patches, closing bugs and helping-out mentoring students. I also work with the GNOME Documentation Project.


I was a member of the bugsquad, but haven't been very active recently.


  • Currently a member of the GNOME Documentation Team Steering Committee.

  • I'm a maintainer of the Ubuntu documentation and member of the documentation committers team.
  • I greet new members of the documentation team and help them find tasks.

Current Projects

Past Projects


Some pages I'm using to test new ideas:

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