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About Me

Hi, my name is Philip Cain. I'm 22 and you could call me an IT systems administrator and webmaster. Kubuntu is the primary OS on my desktop at home, and I hope to assimilate more desktops and servers at work. I plan on helping the Ubuntu community, and specifically the Kubuntu project, in any way I can. I'll do this mostly by adopting threads in the forums, adding [:HowTos: HowTo] wikis, cleaning the wiki, reporting/fixing bugs, creating artwork, answering questions on #kubuntu, and helping with documentation. Another area I'd like to help in is eliminating the "last mile" of required CLI usage from within Kubuntu.

Contributions and Projects

Wiki Cleanup

Wiki Articles

  • [:SagerNP3760Hoary:Kubuntu Hoary 5.04 on a Sager NP3760 Laptop] (started)

Bugs I've Reported/Commented/Closed

Personal Kubuntu TODO (Updated for Dapper)

The Last Mile - Removing the Command Line Interface


Part-time only; my full-time IT job and my family keeps me busy.


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