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Hi, my name is Philip Cain. I'm 22 and you could call me an IT systems administrator and webmaster. Kubuntu is the primary OS on my desktop at home, and I hope to assimilate more desktops and servers at work. I plan on helping the Ubuntu community, and specifically the Kubuntu project, in any way I can. I'll do this mostly by adopting threads in the forums, adding [:HowTos: HowTo] wikis, cleaning the wiki, reporting/fixing bugs, creating artwork, answering questions on #kubuntu, and helping with documentation. Another area I'd like to help in is eliminating the "last mile" of required CLI usage from within Kubuntu.
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== Personal Kubuntu TODO (Updated for Dapper) ==

 * Improve Adept
 * Integrate [ SnippetBooks] into Kate (or kdeaddons kate-plugins)
 * Gecko rendering engine for [ Konqueror] (KDE4)

''The Last Mile - Removing the Command Line Interface''

 * [ KConfigure]. Fixes need for configure, make, make install, and/or checkinstall commands. (suggested on KubuntuSuggestedPackages)
 * [ KSystemLog]. Fixes need for tailing /var/log files.

== Availability ==
Part-time only; my full-time IT job and my family keeps me busy.

About Me

Contributions and Projects

Wiki Cleanup

Wiki Articles

  • [:SagerNP3760Hoary:Kubuntu Hoary 5.04 on a Sager NP3760 Laptop] (started)

Bugs I've Reported/Commented/Closed


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