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= Chubuntu =
Until we find a home in the wiki or somewhere else on the web, this will be the braindump area for a possible Ubuntu derivative for poor churches in Mexico and South America (or possibly anywhere).

== Rationale ==
There are hundreds of churches and organizations in Mexico (specifically) and around the world which cannot afford computers, software or any other technology. An Ubuntu derivative, created specifically to cater to these organizations, would make the donation process much smoother (no licensing issues, necessary software is prepared).

== Use cases ==
1. An old computer (Gateway PIII 1GHZ with 128MB RAM) was recently donated for the purpose of providing a poor church in Mexico with some technology. Software needs to be prepared for this computer to be usable. A CD based on Xubuntu, with a metapackage that provides the Sword library and a Spanish translation of the Bible, and Spanish language locale optimizations, would be perfect for this situation.

(add more use cases)

== Process Considerations ==

=== Distribution ===
We need to decide if this should be a full blown derivative ("Chubuntu"), in which case we would follow the [:DerivativeDistroProcess: Derivative Distro Process], or if it would simply be a metapackage which could be made available on CD and on the web. Using a metapackage (chubuntu-desktop) would be the easiest method. A base (server) installation of Ubuntu can be prepared on a computer, then the xubuntu-desktop and chubuntu-desktop packages can be installed from another CD (which includes all the appropriate packages). It is highly possible that many of these computers will not have NICs, so comprehensive CD creation is high priority.

=== Metapackage ===
If we decide to use the metapackage method (chubuntu-desktop), packages need to be decided upon. The following packages in Main and Universe have been proposed (add to this list as necessary):

 || libsword5c2a, gnomesword, sword-comm-mhcc, sword-comm-pers, sword-comm-scofield, sword-comm-tdavid, sword-dict-naves, sword-dict-strongs-greek, sword-dict-strongs-hebrew, sword-text-kjv, sword-text-sparv, sword-text-web ||

The next step would be to prepare custom work specifically to fit the needs of our use cases. This might include custom artwork/branding, file templates, sample files, Creative Commons music, etc.

=== Collaboration ===
We should use the Ubuntu-provided collaboration facilities to make this process as smooth as possible. This includes possibly creating a separate wiki page, a discussion thread for ideas in the [ forum], and maybe even a informative spec on [ Launchpad].

There is also some basic interest in this area:

We should explore the possibility of a partnership (if appropriate) with the "Linux 4 Christians" group.

=== Branding ===
Before collaboration can really begin, a draft branding/naming scheme must be decided. For the use of this braindump, Chubuntu was appropriate, but there may be a better name, especially if this project isn't intended for churches in general.

About Me

Contributions and Projects

  • [ Kubuntu Package Menu] - This code I wrote was implemented in Breezy within the kubuntu-default-settings package. A better implementation of this functionality appeared in Ubuntu 6.06 with gdebi, and hopefully someone will implement something as elegant (kdebi?) for Kubuntu 6.10.

Wiki Cleanup

Wiki Articles

  • [:LaptopTestingTeam/SagerNP3760: LaptopTestingTeam submission for Sager NP3760 Laptop]

Bugs I've Reported/Commented/Fixed


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