About Me

I have been a Linux user at home since Debian 2.2 (Potato) and LinuxPPC in 2000. I learned C programming on Symantec C++. Mac programming caused my fingers to instinctively autocomplete expressions like GetWindow for many years. I programmed my first web site (Biolinks, in Perl) in 1997 and I am training myself to learn agile web programming (mostly Rails for now).

I am a medical imaging specialist and use Python for a significant part of my development tasks. The NumPy library is essential to the work I do.

I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am a native French speaker.




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What I do now

I use Ubuntu every day for my home computer and in a small server setup providing e-mail, web, and instant messaging for me and a few friends on the domain

I try to help triaging bugs for the packages I am most familiar with. Hopefully the list of such packages will get longer. I also spend time translating packages or reviewing translations to French.

I also use an XO laptop running Ubuntu karmic (hell yeah!) for experiments. With a large SD memory card and a custom 2.6.30 kernel from OLPC, the desktop Ubuntu installation seems to run very well even on this limited platform. A future goal would be to port the necessary kernel modifications to Ubuntu. I have been asked to report my experience with Ubuntu on the XO and will probably do that in the future.

Future plans

  • Help on libgweather by subscribing to new bug notifications and get in touch with upstream.
  • Participate in the Ubuntu-QC team activities.


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