Ubuntu Team Philippines is among the oldest LoCoTeams, established since 2005. We have a fairly active community, mostly seen in the Ubuntu Forums (and recently through Facebook Groups,) with a few hangers-on at our IRC and mailing lists, with a few of us becoming be Ubuntu members, doing work as varied as UX, documentation, translation and packaging; we try to hold Release Parties too, mostly small gatherings for people to network offline (I am in fact organizing one for Natty this June, as the Natty CDs have been late to arrive,) as well as support events that showcase Linux and Open Source.

Despite the group's age, we're still fairly slow to grow beyond supporting our Ubuntu users here in the Philippines via online media, and conducting regular release parties; thus our roadmap leads us to push our members on contributing to Ubuntu through the aforementioned activities of our existing Ubuntu Members, as well as to reorganize ourselves in order to better maintain existing resources. We wish to continue acting as a Ubuntu LoCoTeam to enable Filipinos to discover Ubuntu and appreciate it among peers.

Key Details


  • More online events - We lack regular IRC meetings and group learning sessions; organize through new channels such as the Facebook Group

  • More offline events - Help groups of members in key cities to organize small Ubuntu events with specific focus, e.g. Translation day or Bug triaging day, as well as continued participation in global events such as Software Freedom Day and the Ubuntu release parties

    • Per latest IRC meeting, we have some events to be involved with or planning to get involved:
      • Cebu City event to be organized by scriptwarlock
      • SoftwareFreedomDay celebrations by multiple organizations

      • Call for volunteer for Red Cross Linux Training by YolynneMedina

      • Robetex event at Our Lady of Lourdes College at Daet to be attended by ZakElep (tentative)

  • Get more people involved in Ubuntu development - over the past few years we have several people becoming Ubuntu members (AllanCaeg, IrvinPiraman, DaxSolomonUmaming, Jucato, loell, ZakElep) helping out in one way or another, and there should be more Filipinos with the potential to be deeply involved in Ubuntu development

    • New people discovering the PhilippineTeam via social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+

  • TeamReports - reporting was discontinued, to be resumed very soon


Release Parties

Natty Manila

Natty Zamboanga


Ubuntu Global Jam

  • Held last August 2010 at Manila and Zamboanga, introducing means to contribute to Ubuntu to our members

Manila Global Jam:

Zamboanga Global Jam:

Software Freedom Days

Other FOSS Events

We've also helped organize local events such as:

And we've participated in other local events such as:


Online Activities

Offline Meetups

Press Releases

Online Support

via IRC, forums, and mailing list, providing local support and networking for our members


there was a previous translation effort to localize Ubuntu to native Filipino dialects, see PhilippineTeam/Translations. This effort was stalled, but plans to revitalize are underway.


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