2009 Roadmap

The recent change of LoCo Contact of Ubuntu-PH was brought about by months of inactivity by members of the community. We are deeply saddened by the fact that Filipino Ubuntu Users are growing, but our decreased contributions has them turning elsewhere. We are in the unique position to aid individuals and organizations alike, and as a community, it is our obligation to do so.

The goal of this article is to revitalize the team. Attract new users and encourage current members to donate an hour or two of their time for our cause.

Please don't hesitate to add or comment on any item listed here. Remember, this is a community effort.

Re-Organization of Ubuntu-PH

The purpose of this item is to ensure that we have individuals who can represent the team for each and every Contact Resource we have at our disposal. We shall adopt the Buddy System so representatives can help each other and cover as much ground as possible.


As detailed on the Ubuntu-PH Updates email, the LoCo IRC Channel shall remain in the very capable hands of Jerome Gotangco. Everything #ubuntu-ph shall fall under his discretion. We do, however, need one more member of the community to stand-in and help Jerome.

  • Jerome Gotangco
  • ...


Our LoCo Forum is currently moderated by Loell Anthony Erecre and Juan Carlos Torres. However, Carlos made it known that he's pursuing projects outside of Ubuntu and won't be able to fulfill his duties as a Moderator. Dax Solomon Umaming has sent a request to replace Carlos to ubuntu-geek.

  • Loell Anthony Erecre
  • Dax Solomon Umaming (temporary)

Mailing List

A request has been made by the LoCo Contact to Ubuntu RT to changeover the ownership of the LoCo Mailing List. We will need two members to serve as List Administrator once the transition is complete.

  • ...
  • ...


Launchpad is already managed by current Administrators. We will add more Administrators depending on the amount of his contributions.

Also, I wish to fully utilize our Launchpad group for various activities, they include but not limited to:

  • Assignment of FIL Translations
  • Utilize Bug Reports for Translations
  • Utilize Bazaar for White Papers and Presentations

Website Updates

All Website Updates are on the Website wiki


The Translations How Tos are on PhilippineTeam/Translations

Approved/Official Ubuntu Membership

I've approached several members of the team with significant and sustained contributions. I shall give updates here on our progress.

Pending Projects

All pending projects are on the Projects wiki

Other Concerns/Discussions

  • DaxSolomonUmaming - I've managed to locate the July2007 backup file of our Drupal site. The 2008 data is still missing, but at least we have something to work on.

  • ...


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