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Currently, there is only one person actively translating Cebuano translations. Other Cebuano translators stopped being active a few years ago. If the number of active translators increases, we might create forum or other ways to communicate. But for now, if you have any questions, please email me in this address:
The initials of my name "Virgil John" followed by my last name "Lomocso" at gmail dot com, all lower case.
Cebuano translation has stopped being active.

Cebuano Translation Guidelines

Cebuano translation has stopped being active.

Why Translate in Cebuano?

Most (if not all) Cebuano speakers who knows how to handle a device also speak English. Filipinos are very used to seeing English. In the Philippines, many labels and signs in establishments and roads are written in English. For me, Cebuano is still the most natural. For me, translating to Cebuano is only an experiment.

More of this wiki coming soon

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