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Redundancy Issue

As discussed previously, if we go through merging Tagalog and Filipino, then discarding Tagalog - then

is there still a need for us to translate Tagalog?

This was raised in the list by Erwin Olario, and I believe we should take careful note of it:

Though Filipino is largely based on Tagalog, they are often mistakenly thought of as the same. The language rules are different. For one, the Tagalog alphabet did not have the letters: f, j, c, x and z but are included in the Filipino alphabet. Practically speaking many people do not differentiate Filipino from Tagalog but there's is a difference, which we'll have to leave to scholars to debate on. If we Pinoys are confused between the two, then we couldn't blame foreigners if they keep referring to it as Tagalog can we? I support the merger of the Tagalog-Filipino translation. IMO, completing a strictly Tagalog translation is an exercise in futility.

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