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$ bzr get s $ bzr checkout s
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$ bzr push s

To add your feed to [ Planet Ubuntu], you must be an Ubuntu MemberFootNote(You must either be one of the UbuntuMembers on Launchpad, or be in one of its member teams.), and your ssh key must be included in your Launchpad account information.

Subscribed feeds must be at least occasionally relevant to Ubuntu, and we ask that you make use of your software's category or tag features to control which posts will appear on [ Planet Ubuntu]. We reserve the right to remove any feed that is inaccessible, flooding the page with off-topic entries, or otherwise interfering with the operation of the Planet.

Adding Your Feed

To add your feed, first check out the configuration files from the launchpad bzr tree:

$ bzr checkout s

Next, place your hackergotchi into the heads/ subdirectory:

$ cp ~/hackergotchi.png heads/jrhakr.png
$ bzr add heads/jrhakr.png

Once you've done that, add a stanza like the following to the end of the members/config.ini file:

name = J. Random Hacker
fake = jrhakr.png
nick = jrhakr

When you are satisfied that your entry is correct, it's time to check in your changes:

$ bzr commit -m "Added jrhakr to Planet Ubuntu"

Warning /!\ Please note that Planet runs from cron, and it relies on the work of some periodic events on the Launchpad server. Your changes could take up to two hours to take effect.

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