After this point the packages which are considered "plumbing" used for building the release should not change without significant regression testing, consultation with dependent teams and written signoff from release team. This is what was up until now FeatureFreeze. By adding this milestone and a later FeatureFreeze date, we are looking at better managing the dependencies, and letting low risk features land a bit later, so more improvements can be included.

Components that are to be classified as "plumbing" are TBD.

Candidates to consider are:

  • Graphic subsystems (X, GTK/Gnome 3)
  • Interpretive language toolchain infrastructure - ie. python, java, perl, etc. Although possibly these should be considered as part of the ToolChain freeze?

  • Features that span multiple architectures at the infrastructure and building block level. (ie. boot, firefox, mail (evolution, thunderbird) )

Basically we need to identify projects that other teams depend on landing, so they can test their features, before we go into a hard feature freeze.

Process needs to be defined still, as does infrastructure to do the testing and what the tests should be (which is obviously dependent on the packages considered to be "plumbing")

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