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+1 Maintenance Status

Proposed Migration

Known issues

In progress

Items that are being actively worked on. Please always mention the name / irc nick, who is working on that.

Things to pick from

These are issues that are not yet done, after somebody's rotation/shift ended. Or someone has spotted them but had no chance to work on it. If someone trying to pick them realized that it was resolved by time/someone-else please be so kind and remove the related entries.

  • Ongoing transitions
    • there are plenty of rust packages stuck in -proposed. Unfortunately the rust packages we sync from Debian are not generally in a consistent state allowing migration (to Debian testing or to the Ubuntu release). If someone takes a look at these, they will probably want to recommend removals of various leaf packages blocking transitions.
    • the r-base transition has now started
    • vcmi ftbfs, pinged xnox about it, boost 1.71 related
    • ubuntu-app-launcher, url-dispatcher, unity fallout
      • Who to approach to remove those? xnox will look into them
    • rust-* some test and many "unsatisfiable depends", one needs to check how this was meant to work ...
      • the rust packages only build if uploaded in a very precise order, which they were to debian but the debian import freeze messes this up for us
      • it's not clear that any of these packages help users of Ubuntu at all, so putting effort into these packages has a low ROI IMO (I == mwhudson)
    • there is a mess of go packages that needs unpicking. It's the sort of thing where we/Debian has updated one package to a given version, but some of the rdeps upstream are still pinning an older version.
      • this is blocking some potentially useful packages
    • autopkgtest for r-cran-* is in excuses quite often, this needs to be checked and probably custom test triggers (there also is a whopping 1.8k r-cran-* tests in atm)

    • perl micro update 5.30.3 - On Monday there was another upload of 5.30.3-4 and someone overzealously removed all perl tests. Cpaelzer/xnox/Laney re-triggered the tests the results ahve to be re-checked.
    • [cpaelzer] php-horde* needs removal and sync block to be processed by an Archive Admin.

  • Not ready yet
    • haskell-* seems like mass-FTBFS
      • [cpaelzer] this is due to a change in haddock-interface, per coordination with Debian the following need to be resolved first. I've asked to be pinged once things are ready to re-trigger builds/tests on Ubuntu as needed. That will be visible on their ML as reply and I'll ping the current +1 duty people.

        • Because of the haddock-interface change, every single package needs a sourceful upload. This isn't relevant for Ubuntu.
        • All packages need to be updated to the version in the package-plan, which generally corresponds to Stackage LTS 15.13.
        • Both packages which do not need a version update and packages which do need to be upgraded also need patching because we do not automatically apply Hackage metadata updates which help
          • keep Stackage consistent.
        • All new packages pulled in as dependencies of the new versions
          • need to be packaged, and get processed through NEW. Some of these packages have been stuck in NEW for weeks, but most of them have not been packaged at all.
        • Build/test failures need to be addressed.

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