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2011-11-18: No known showstoppers.<<BR>>
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 * The Perl 5.14 transition is still in progress.
 * Bug:891257 breaks at least some upgrades.
 * The Perl 5.14 transition is still in progress, although 97% complete and should block very few upgrades at this point.

+1 Maintenance Status

Daily build status

This is a scratchpad for known showstopper issues in current Ubuntu desktop and server daily builds. This doesn't mean problems we would refuse to release Ubuntu with; this means problems that prevent anyone using the daily builds and which force the +1 maintenance team and/or the developer responsible for the breakage to make fixing this their number one task. This will amount to something like:

  • build fails
  • principal metapackages (ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-desktop) uninstallable
  • automated tests can't run (and not a test bug)
  • can't get to a desktop or run the server

2011-11-18: No known showstoppers.
2011-11-17: No known showstoppers.
2011-11-16: No known showstoppers.
2011-11-15: No known showstoppers.
2011-11-14: No known showstoppers.


Other things the +1 maintenance team is working on or tracking. Please don't add things to this list unless you're on the team.

  • sshfs uninstallable, breaking ltsp-client (correct fix is to merge fuse; cjwatson part-way through this)
  • linux-image-extra-3.1.0-2-virtual is uninstallable

  • ia32-libs on amd64 uninstallable, blocking wine1.3 and dssi-vst for ubuntustudio. Seems a germinate problem with traversing multiarch dependency chains
  • The Perl 5.14 transition is still in progress, although 97% complete and should block very few upgrades at this point.

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