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Poom Kongniratsaikul

Hi, I'm a programmer living in Thailand. I have a plan to continue my study abroad in the field of Robotics and Automations. Ubuntu has shown me that it's one of the best distros for robotics development. However all of my project partners prefer WindowsXP and Visual Studio.NET. Most of our works were based on proprietary software and hardware.

Those software and hardware caused us many problems, especially when we were trying to use a video capture device to get vision data but it appeared that the capture card didn't support OpenCV (or even DirectX) but their own software. Buying a new industrial-grade product could sometimes help us to continue our research. However that approach is impossible for researches that have low budget.

I believe that open standard and OSS would solve these problems. Therefore encouraging people to use free software is important. A local Thai ubuntu community, [http://www.ubuntuclub.com ubuntuclub] is one of the strongest linux communities and it has been promoting Ubuntu to Thai people for quite some time. It would be great if it could be promoted as an approved ["LoCo"].

ps. I tried to make it short, really.