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apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib # apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib
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apt-get install postbooks-schema-quickstart # apt-get install postbooks-schema-quickstart
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apt-get install postbooks # apt-get install postbooks
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Launch the GUI from your menu system or using the shell:

$ postbooks

Install the PostgreSQL server and database schema

Even if you have multiple users, you only need to install the PostgreSQL server on one machine. You can install the PostgreSQL server on a proper server or you can even run it on a desktop or laptop machine.

# apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib

Choose one of the schema packages and install with apt-get

  • postbooks-schema-quickstart (Recommended)

  • postbooks-schema-empty

    • requires a lot of manual data entry to get started, but useful if you already have a lot of things like chart of accounts in a CSV file and you want to customize everything
  • postbooks-schema-demo

    • contains sample data, use this to explore the features of PostBooks before making any commitment to use it with your own business data

# apt-get install postbooks-schema-quickstart

Follow the instructions in the /usr/share/doc/postbooks-schema-quickstart/README.Debian file to load the schema into your database server.

Install the PostBooks GUI

# apt-get install postbooks

Run it for the first time

Launch the GUI from your menu system or using the shell:

$ postbooks

See this page on the upstream web site to start configuring it.

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