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Post Release Application Submission Process



The process for submitting an application has three primary stages:

  1. Preparation - get your application packaged and available for assessment.
  2. Submission - submit the package to be reviewed for inclusion in the software center.
  3. Assessment - the assessment process in which our Application Review Board decided whether the application is admitted to the software center.

1. Preparation

The first step is to get the package ready for assessment.

  • Package the application.
    • Using standard Debian packaging system.
    • Preferably new development uses Quickly, and the simplified packaging facilities there.
  • Upload to a PPA
    • The package is reviewed from the PPA.
    • In the future we may want to have a button in the PPA view in Launchpad to trigger the application assessment process.

Resource Requirements:

  • No strict requirements for 10.10.
  • Optional: button to trigger the assessment process.

2. Submission

The second step is for the developer to formulate a submission. This step gathers a set of data that is presented to the assessment board:

The data to be gathered in this process is:

  • Name (text)
  • Email (text)
  • Package to be assessed (URL to PPA)
  • License (text)
  • Support contact (URL to forum / mailing list etc)
  • Notes (text with information pertinant to the assessment)
  • Optional: Bug tracker (URL)

Submission process. We have two submission processes, one is cheap and one is expensive.


  • Using a pre-defined template, user fills out a wiki page with the above data. This wiki page is added to a list of pending submissions on a master wiki page.
  • User emails a standard email address (mailing list) with the application link.

Cheap Requirements:

  • Wiki template
  • Mailing list for assessment submissions to be sent to.


  • User goes to a web address to submit their application (

  • User signs in with the Ubuntu Single Sign On (this means we can gather some of the submission data automatically).
  • The form has a series of entry points for the submission data above.
  • The website generates a wiki page and automatically sends an email to the submissions mailing list.

Expensive Requirements:

  • Available sub-domain.
  • Web form application to coordinate the process.
  • Mailing list for assessment submissions to be sent to.

3. Assessment

The third step is the assessment process. This step requires an Application Review Board (ARB). I recommend that this board has the following attributes:

  • 5 people
  • Appointed by the CC/TB
  • 1 year term
  • Everyone welcome to nominate themselves for positions.
  • Report to the CC.

The ARB recieves notifications of applications for review via the mailing list and reviews the wiki page that is available from the submission step above. The process in which it is reviewed is:

  • The assessment process is performed over email to reduce bottle-necks surrounding real-time IRC meetings.
  • We should commit to an SLA regarding the outcome of the review. My recommendation would be two weeks.
  • The review happens by the ARB reviewing the application wiki page and voting on their support of the application.
  • The outcome of the vote is:
    • Three or more +1 votes - the application is approved.
    • If there are more than one -1 votes - the application is discussed in more detail and possibly deferred.
    • Three or more -1 votes - the application is rejected.


  • Documented guidelines about how the assessment process works.