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Current Team/Membership Status

Team Work

  • ChicagoTeam - Just joined not to long ago and trying to get into things.

  • MarketingTeam work - Just joined as well and really haven't had much to offer due to work and all. However I feel this is one of the best places I will be able to contribute to from my previous small background in marketing.

About Me

Well I'm you basic computer geek like a good many of us out there. I love to learn new things and seem to be the one that people come to when they have a question or problem.

Back in the early days I was a avid user of BBS's and actually ran one for awhile. If you don't know what a BBS is then you should look it up, nothing like logging online with a 9600 baud modem and hoping you get one of the few open ports to log into.

When I started doing web design it was with a text editor, I remember doing a simple animated gif that took almost 3 days to complete that I could do now in under 5 minutes. I liked Microsoft in those days and was joyed when Frontpage came out. At one point I actually had a phone number to someone in development at MS and was on a first name basis. I found security holes in other peoples websites, told them and got a few holes fixed. I was thrilled when we got our 1X cd burner but annoyed that I had to use a Mac for it. My how times have changed.

Around 2000 I totally got out of the tech field. MS was getting on my nerves, most people that had recieved a MSCE or whatever cert always seemed to prove they didn't know anything, though there are a few that did know what they were doing.

I had friends show me various Linux distros but I never totally caught the bug. Of course my first real experience with a distro was Slackware, not the most user friendly thing to start someone out in the Linux world, that was back in 1999. Through the years I've tried quite a few distros off and on but have never really embraced one like I have Ubuntu.

While being out of the technical community for a few years, I work with retirement funds now lol, I have decided to jump back into the marketing swing of things. I always loved marketing but never really loved the things I was marketing, with Ubuntu that is different.

Currently I do volunteer work at a local museum and have introduced Ubuntu to the museum. Since we are a non-profit there isn't much money to be spent on some things. When we get donated or new computers in without a OS I convinced the board that open source is the way to go. Now the museum has 10 systems running Edubuntu, 3 Ubuntu's at my house, 2 at a friends, another 3 that I've given to people I know and I'm trying for more.

So that's it, I'm working on becoming a Ubuntu member and trying to get some Linux certs. I'm a member of Ubuntu-Chicago and Ubuntu-Marketing and hope to step up to the plate soon and start contributing to both of them.

Contacting Me

Any of the contact options listed above will work and you can use them at any time. I'll give as much time as I can to any project presented to me, if I don't feel I have enough knowledge to work on it trust me I'll let you know.

My Goals

Short Term / Community Goals

Long Term / Community Goals

  • Ubuntu Get some Linux certs and a Ubuntu certification.

    Ubuntu Promoting Ubuntu to as many people as I am able.



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