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Aaditya Kumar (1):
      mm: fix lost kswapd wakeup in kswapd_stop()

AceLan Kao (5):
      dell-laptop: add 3 machines that has touchpad LED
      dell-laptop: touchpad LED should persist its status after S3
      Bluetooth: Add support for Atheros [04ca:3005]
      Bluetooth: Add support for Atheros [13d3:3362]
      Bluetooth: Add support for AR3012 [0cf3:e004]

Adrian Hunter (2):
      mmc: fixes for eMMC v4.5 discard operation
      mmc: fixes for eMMC v4.5 sanitize operation

Al Viro (12):
      ext4: fix endianness breakage in ext4_split_extent_at()
      nfsd: fix b0rken error value for setattr on read-only mount
      nfsd: fix error values returned by nfsd4_lockt() when nfsd_open() fails
      nfsd: fix endianness breakage in TEST_STATEID handling
      nfsd: fix compose_entry_fh() failure exits
      btrfs: btrfs_root_readonly() broken on big-endian
      ocfs2: ->l_next_free_req breakage on big-endian
      ocfs: ->rl_used breakage on big-endian
      ocfs2: ->rl_count endianness breakage
      ocfs2: ->e_leaf_clusters endianness breakage
      lockd: fix the endianness bug
      vfs: umount_tree() might be called on subtree that had never made it

Alan Cox (3):
      rt2800: Add support for the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550
      tty: Allow uart_register/unregister/register
      USB: mct_u232: Fix incorrect TIOCMSET return

Alan Stern (11):
      USB: don't clear urb->dev in scatter-gather library
      USB: don't ignore suspend errors for root hubs
      EHCI: fix criterion for resuming the root hub
      EHCI: always clear the STS_FLR status bit
      USB: fix deadlock in bConfigurationValue attribute method
      usb: gadget: udc-core: fix incompatibility with dummy-hcd
      USB: EHCI: fix crash during suspend on ASUS computers
      USB: gadget: storage gadgets send wrong error code for unknown commands
      usb-storage: unusual_devs entry for Yarvik PMP400 MP4 player
      USB: add NO_D3_DURING_SLEEP flag and revert 151b61284776be2
      PCI: EHCI: fix crash during suspend on ASUS computers

Alex Deucher (10):
      drm/radeon/kms: fix fans after resume
      drm/radeon/kms: fix DVO setup on some r4xx chips
      drm/radeon: only add the mm i2c bus if the hw_i2c module param is set
      drm/radeon/kms: need to set up ss on DP bridges as well
      drm/radeon: fix XFX quirk
      drm/radeon: fix bank information in tiling config
      drm/radeon: properly program gart on rv740, juniper, cypress, barts, hemlock
      drm/radeon/kms: add new Palm, Sumo PCI ids
      drm/radeon/kms: add new BTC PCI ids
      drm/radeon: add some additional 6xx/7xx/EG register init

Alex He (1):
      xHCI: Correct the #define XHCI_LEGACY_DISABLE_SMI

Alex Williamson (2):
      KVM: unmap pages from the iommu when slots are removed
      KVM: lock slots_lock around device assignment

Alexander Clouter (1):
      crypto: mv_cesa requires on CRYPTO_HASH to build

Alexander Shiyan (1):
      ARM: clps711x: serial driver hungs are a result of call disable_irq within ISR

Alexey Khoroshilov (1):
      drxk: Does not unlock mutex if sanity check failed in scu_command()

Alf Høgemark (1):
      mmc: sdhci-dove: Fix compile error by including module.h

Anders Kaseorg (1):
      fifo: Do not restart open() if it already found a partner

Andi Kleen (2):
      ACPI: Do cpufreq clamping for throttling per package v2
      MCE: Fix vm86 handling for 32bit mce handler

Andiry Xu (2):
      usbcore: enable USB2 LPM if port suspend fails
      xHCI: Increase the timeout for controller save/restore state operation

Andre Przywara (4):
      hwmon: fam15h_power: fix bogus values with current BIOSes
      hwmon: (k10temp) Add support for AMD Trinity CPUs
      hwmon: (fam15h_power) Increase output resolution
      xen/setup: filter APERFMPERF cpuid feature out

Andrea Arcangeli (2):
      mm: pmd_read_atomic: fix 32bit PAE pmd walk vs pmd_populate SMP race condition
      thp: avoid atomic64_read in pmd_read_atomic for 32bit PAE

Andreas Dilger (1):
      ext4: disallow hard-linked directory in ext4_lookup

Andreas Herrmann (3):
      x86, microcode: Fix sysfs warning during module unload on unsupported CPUs
      x86/amd: Re-enable CPU topology extensions in case BIOS has disabled it
      x86/amd: Re-enable CPU topology extensions in case BIOS has disabled it

Andreas Schwab (1):
      powerpc: Fix wrong divisor in usecs_to_cputime

Andres Salomon (1):
      Input: psmouse - allow drivers to use psmouse_{de,}activate

Andrew Bird (1):
      USB: option: Updated Huawei K4605 has better id

Andrzej Pietrasiewicz (1):
      usb: gadget: eliminate NULL pointer dereference (bugfix)

Andy Lutomirski (1):
      mm: Hold a file reference in madvise_remove

Andy Whitcroft (43):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: ata_piix: add a disable_driver option
      UBUNTU: [Config] control.stub is an intermediate product not a dependancy
      UBUNTU: [Config] include include/generated/compile.h
      UBUNTU: [Config] fix up postinst to ensure we know which error is which
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise filesystems
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise subsystems
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise network protocols
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise input drivers
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise CRYPTO options
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise HID options
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise sensors options
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise EXPORTFS/FHANDLE
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise CONFIG_CRYPTO_LZO
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise ENCRYPTED_KEYS
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise CONFIG_ATALK
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise INET/INET6
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise NLS
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise BLK/CHR
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise PHY settings
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise CRC settings
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise BINFMT settings
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise DM settings
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise RTC_DRV settings
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise KEYBOARD/MOUSE settings
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise USB settings
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise GPIO settings
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise I2C settings
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise numerous subsystem selectors
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise A-C modules missmatches
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise D-F modules missmatches
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise G-I modules missmatches
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise J-L modules missmatches
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise M modules missmatches
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise N-P modules missmatches
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise Q-R modules missmatches
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise S modules missmatches
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise T modules missmatches
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- commonise U-Z modules missmatches
      ACPI battery: only refresh the sysfs files when pertinent information changes
      UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.2.0-27.43
      UBUNTU: [Packaging] getabis should be extracting all packages
      UBUNTU: getabis -- series uses linux-image-extra
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: rds_ib_send() -- prevent local pings triggering BUG_ON()

AnilKumar Ch (3):
      can: c_can: fix "BUG! echo_skb is occupied!" during transmit
      can: c_can: fix an interrupt thrash issue with c_can driver
      can: c_can: fix race condition in c_can_open()

Anisse Astier (1):
      drm/i915: no-lvds quirk on MSI DC500

Anton Blanchard (1):
      powerpc/xmon: Use cpumask iterator to avoid warning

Anton Samokhvalov (1):
      USB: sierra: add support for Sierra Wireless MC7710

Anton Vorontsov (1):
      power_supply: Drop usage of nowarn variant of sysfs_create_link()

Antonio Quartulli (1):
      batman-adv: fix skb->data assignment

Archit Taneja (1):
      ARM: OMAP: Revert "ARM: OMAP: ctrl: Fix CONTROL_DSIPHY register fields"

Arend van Spriel (2):
      brcm80211: smac: resume transmit fifo upon receiving frames
      brcm80211: smac: fix endless retry of A-MPDU transmissions

Arnaud Patard (1):
      8250_pci: fix pch uart matching

Artem Bityutskiy (4):
      mtd: sst25l: initialize writebufsize
      mtd: block2mtd: initialize writebufsize
      mtd: lart: initialize writebufsize
      UBIFS: fix a bug in empty space fix-up

Author: David Gibson (1):
      hugepages: fix use after free bug in "quota" handling

Avi Kivity (2):
      KVM: Ensure all vcpus are consistent with in-kernel irqchip settings
      KVM: Fix buffer overflow in kvm_set_irq()

Axel Lin (3):
      gpio: Add missing spin_lock_init in gpio-pch driver
      regulator: Fix the logic to ensure new voltage setting in valid range
      gpio: Add missing spin_lock_init in gpio-ml-ioh driver

Ben Hutchings (19):
      Linux 3.2.17
      ARM: orion5x: Fix GPIO enable bits for MPP9
      Linux 3.2.18
      dsa: Change dsa_uses_{dsa, trailer}_tags() into inline functions
      dsa: Export functions from core to modules
      dsa: Combine core and tagging code
      mv88e6xxx: Combine mv88e6131 and mv88e612_61_65 drivers
      dsa: Define module author, description, license and aliases for drivers
      dsa: Allow core and drivers to be built as modules
      dsa: Remove unnecessary exports
      dsa: Move all definitions needed by drivers into <net/dsa.h>
      dsa: Move switch drivers to new directory drivers/net/dsa
      Linux 3.2.19
      Linux 3.2.20
      Linux 3.2.21
      Linux 3.2.22
      Linux 3.2.23
      ext4: Report max_batch_time option correctly
      Linux 3.2.24

Ben Skeggs (4):
      drm/nouveau: determine a value for display_info.bpc if edid doesn't
      drm/nouveau: default to 8bpc for non-LVDS panels if EDID isn't useful
      drm/nouveau/disp: fix dithering not being enabled on some eDP macbooks
      drm/nouveau/fbcon: using nv_two_heads is not a good idea

Ben Widawsky (4):
      drm/i915: relative_constants_mode race fix
      drm/i915: Force sync command ordering (Gen6+)
      drm/i915: [GEN7] Use HW scheduler for fixed function shaders
      drm/i915: Update GEN6_RP_CONTROL definitions

Benjamin Poirier (1):
      xfrm: take net hdr len into account for esp payload size calculation

Benjamin Tissoires (5):
      HID: multitouch: merge quanta driver into hid-multitouch
      HID: usbhid: add quirk no_get for quanta 3008 devices
      HID: multitouch: correct eGalax a001 protocol
      HID: multitouch: add more eGalax devices
      HID: multitouch: add support for eGalax 0x722a

Benoît Thébaudeau (1):
      drivers/rtc/rtc-mxc.c: fix irq enabled interrupts warning

Bernd Schubert (1):
      bio allocation failure due to bio_get_nr_vecs()

Bernhard Kohl (1):
      target: Fix SPC-2 RELEASE bug for multi-session iSCSI client setups

Bing Zhao (2):
      mwifiex: update pcie8766 scratch register addresses
      mwifiex: fix wrong return values in add_virtual_intf() error cases

Bjørn Mork (11):
      USB: sierra: avoid QMI/wwan interface on MC77xx
      cdc_ether: Ignore bogus union descriptor for RNDIS devices
      USB: cdc-wdm: poll must return POLLHUP if device is gone
      USB: cdc-wdm: add debug messages on cleanup
      USB: cdc-wdm: cannot use dev_printk when device is gone
      net: sierra_net: device IDs for Aircard 320U++
      usb: cdc-wdm: Add device-id for Huawei 3G/LTE modems
      USB: qcserial: Add Sierra Wireless device IDs
      USB: serial: Enforce USB driver and USB serial driver match
      USB: option: add ZTE MF60
      USB: cdc-wdm: fix lockup on error in wdm_read

Boaz Harrosh (5):
      exofs: Fix CRASH on very early IO errors.
      ore: Fix NFS crash by supporting any unaligned RAID IO
      ore: Remove support of partial IO request (NFS crash)
      pnfs-obj: don't leak objio_state if ore_write/read fails
      pnfs-obj: Fix __r4w_get_page when offset is beyond i_size

Bob Liu (1):
      fs: ramfs: file-nommu: add SetPageUptodate()

Bojan Smojver (2):
      PM / Hibernate: fix the number of pages used for hibernate/thaw buffering
      PM / Hibernate: Hibernate/thaw fixes/improvements

Borislav Petkov (1):
      x86, MCE, AMD: Make APIC LVT thresholding interrupt optional

Brian Norris (1):
      mtd: m25p80: set writebufsize

Bryan O'Donoghue (1):
      x86, apic: APIC code touches invalid MSR on P5 class machines

Chen Gong (1):
      edac: avoid mce decoding crash after edac driver unloaded

Cho, Yu-Chen (1):
      Bluetooth: Add Atheros maryann PIDVID support

Chris Bagwell (12):
      Input: wacom - cleanup feature report for bamboos
      Input: wacom - remove unused bamboo HID parsing
      Input: wacom - add some comments to wacom_parse_hid
      Input: wacom - relax Bamboo stylus ID check
      Input: wacom - read 3rd gen Bamboo Touch HID data
      Input: wacom - 3rd gen Bamboo P&Touch packet support
      Input: wacom - ignore unwanted bamboo packets
      Input: wacom - add missing LEDS_CLASS to Kconfig
      Input: wacom - isolate input registration
      Input: wacom - wireless monitor framework
      Input: wacom - create inputs when wireless connect
      Input: wacom - wireless battery status

Chris Boot (2):
      e1000e: Disable ASPM L1 on 82574
      e1000e: Remove special case for 82573/82574 ASPM L1 disablement

Chris Healy (1):
      dsa: Add reporting of silicon revision for Marvell 88E6123/88E6161/88E6165 switches.

Chris J Arges (1):
      UBUNTU: PACKAGING: add .gnu_debuglink sections to .ko files

Chris Mason (1):
      Btrfs: run delayed directory updates during log replay

Chris Metcalf (6):
      hugetlb: fix race condition in hugetlb_fault()
      hugetlb: prevent BUG_ON in hugetlb_fault() -> hugetlb_cow()
      arch/tile: apply commit 74fca9da0 to the compat signal handling as well
      arch/tile/Kconfig: remove pointless "!M386" test.
      tilegx: enable SYSCALL_WRAPPERS support
      tile: fix bug where fls(0) was not returning 0

Chris Wilson (9):
      drm: Validate requested virtual size against allocated fb size
      drm/i915/ringbuffer: Exclude last 2 cachlines of ring on 845g
      drm/i915: Avoid a double-read of PCH_IIR during interrupt handling
      drm/i915:: Disable FBC on SandyBridge
      drm/i915: Finish any pending operations on the framebuffer before disabling
      drm/i915: Remove use of the autoreported ringbuffer HEAD position
      drm/i915: Mark the ringbuffers as being in the GTT domain
      drm/i915: Unpin the flip target if we fail to queue the flip
      drm/i915: Refactor the deferred PM_IIR handling into a single function

Christian Borntraeger (1):
      KVM: s390: Sanitize fpc registers for KVM_SET_FPU

Christian Melki (1):
      8250.c: less than 2400 baud fix.

Christian Riesch (1):
      davinci_mdio: Fix MDIO timeout check

Clemens Ladisch (1):
      ALSA: usb-audio: fix rate_list memory leak

Cliff Wickman (1):
      x86/uv: Fix UV2 BAU legacy mode

Cloud Ren (1):
      atl1c: fix issue of transmit queue 0 timed out

Colin Cross (1):
      ARM: 7414/1: SMP: prevent use of the console when using idmap_pgd

Corentin Chary (2):
      samsung-laptop: make the dmi check less strict
      samsung-laptop: make the dmi check less strict

Craig Shelley (1):
      USB: CP210x Add 10 Device IDs

Dan Carpenter (7):
      pch_gbe: memory corruption calling pch_gbe_validate_option()
      ksz884x: don't copy too much in netdev_set_mac_address()
      iommu: Fix off by one in dmar_get_fault_reason()
      cifs: fix revalidation test in cifs_llseek()
      Input: wacom - check for allocation failure in probe()
      can: c_can: precedence error in c_can_chip_config()
      mtd: cafe_nand: fix an & vs | mistake

Dan Rosenberg (1):
      NFC: Prevent multiple buffer overflows in NCI

Dan Williams (5):
      ioat: fix size of 'completion' for Xen
      libsas: fix false positive 'device attached' conditions
      cdc_ether: add Novatel USB551L device IDs for FLAG_WWAN
      isci: fix oem parameter validation on single controller skus
      libsas: fix taskfile corruption in sas_ata_qc_fill_rtf

Daniel Mack (1):
      USB: fix gathering of interface associations

Daniel Schwierzeck (1):
      mtd: mips: lantiq: reintroduce support for cmdline partitions

Daniel Vetter (14):
      drm/i915: quirk away broken OpRegion VBT
      drm/i915: properly compute dp dithering for user-created modes
      drm/i915: handle input/output sdvo timings separately in mode_set
      drm/i915: disable sdvo hotplug on i945g/gm
      drm/i915: Do no set Stencil Cache eviction LRA w/a on gen7+
      drm/i915: don't clobber the pipe param in sanitize_modesetting
      drm/i915: properly handle interlaced bit for sdvo dtd conversion
      drm/i915: enable vdd when switching off the eDP panel
      drm/i915: wait for a vblank to pass after tv detect
      drm/i915: hold forcewake around ring hw init
      drm/i915: fix up ivb plane 3 pageflips
      drm/edid: don't return stack garbage from supports_rb
      drm/i915: rip out the PM_IIR WARN
      drm/i915: kick any firmware framebuffers before claiming the gtt

Danny Kukawka (2):
      spi-topcliff-pch: fix -Wuninitialized warning
      OMAPDSS: VENC: fix NULL pointer dereference in DSS2 VENC sysfs debug attr on OMAP4

Darren Hart (2):
      pch_gbe: Do not abort probe on bad MAC
      USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: Add support for the FRI2 serial console

Dave Airlie (4):
      drm/radeon: disable MSI on RV515
      drm/radeon: fix load detect on rn50 with hardcoded EDIDs.
      nouveau: initialise has_optimus variable.
      nouveau: nouveau_set_bo_placement takes TTM flags

Dave Hansen (2):
      hugetlb: fix resv_map leak in error path
      mm: fix vma_resv_map() NULL pointer

Dave Jones (1):
      Remove easily user-triggerable BUG from generic_setlease

Dave Martin (4):
      ARM: amba: Auto-generate AMBA driver module aliases during modpost
      ARM: amba: Move definition of struct amba_id to mod_devicetable.h
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: rtc: pl031: Enable module alias autogeneration for AMBA drivers
      dmaengine: pl330: Enable module alias autogeneration for AMBA drivers

David Daney (1):
      MIPS: Properly align the .data..init_task section.

David Henningsson (7):
      ALSA: HDA: Add external mic quirk for Asus Zenbook UX31E
      ALSA: HDA: Lessen CPU usage when waiting for chip to respond
      ALSA: HDA: Add support for Cirrus Logic 4213
      ALSA: HDA: Pin fixup for Zotac Z68 motherboard
      ALSA: hda - Add Realtek ALC280 codec support
      ALSA: hda - Fix internal mic for Lenovo Ideapad U300s
      ALSA: hda - Fix oops caused by recent commit "Fix internal mic for Lenovo Ideapad U300s"

David Herrmann (1):
      HID: wiimote: Fix IR data parser

David Howells (1):
      KEYS: Use the compat keyctl() syscall wrapper on Sparc64 for Sparc32 compat

David Härdeman (1):
      rc-core: set mode for winbond-cir

David Miller (2):
      perf hists: Catch and handle out-of-date hist entry maps.
      Fix modpost failures in fedora 17

David Rientjes (1):
      mm, thp: abort compaction if migration page cannot be charged to memcg

David S. Miller (4):
      sparc64: Fix bootup crash on sun4v.
      sparc64: Do not clobber %g2 in xcall_fetch_glob_regs().
      ipv4: Do not use dead fib_info entries.
      Revert "net: maintain namespace isolation between vlan and real device"

David Vrabel (2):
      xen: correctly check for pending events when restoring irq flags
      xen/pci: don't use PCI BIOS service for configuration space accesses

David Ward (1):
      net_sched: gred: Fix oops in gred_dump() in WRED mode

David Woodhouse (3):
      ppp: Don't stop and restart queue on every TX packet
      intel-iommu: Add device info into list before doing context mapping
      solos-pci: Fix DMA support

Davide Ciminaghi (1):
      net/ethernet: ks8851_mll fix rx frame buffer overflow

Davide Gerhard (1):
      ipheth: add support for iPad

Deepak Sikri (1):
      stmmac: Fix for nfs hang on multiple reboot

Devendra Naga (1):
      r8169: call netif_napi_del at errpaths and at driver unload

Dima Zavin (2):
      ARM: 7365/1: drop unused parameter from flush_cache_user_range
      ARM: 7409/1: Do not call flush_cache_user_range with mmap_sem held

Dimitri Sivanich (1):
      sched: Fix the relax_domain_level boot parameter

Dmitry Kasatkin (1):
      vfs: increment iversion when a file is truncated

Dmitry Maluka (1):
      mtd: nand: fix scan_read_raw_oob

Dmitry Shmygov (1):
      USB: option: add id for Cellient MEN-200

Don Zickus (1):
      Bluetooth: btusb: typo in Broadcom SoftSailing id

Eldad Zack (1):
      brcmsmac: "INTERMEDIATE but not AMPDU" only when tracing

Eliad Peller (1):
      cfg80211: fix potential deadlock in regulatory

Elric Fu (2):
      USB: fix bug of device descriptor got from superspeed device
      xHCI: add XHCI_RESET_ON_RESUME quirk for VIA xHCI host

Emmanuel Grumbach (3):
      iwlwifi: don't mess up the SCD when removing a key
      iwlwifi: disable the buggy chain extension feature in HW
      iwlegacy: don't mess up the SCD when removing a key

Eric Anholt (1):
      drm/i915: Do the fallback non-IRQ wait in ring throttle, too.

Eric Bénard (2):
      mmc: unbreak sdhci-esdhc-imx on i.MX25
      ASoC: tlv312aic23: unbreak resume

Eric Dumazet (26):
      net: fix /proc/net/dev regression
      tcp: allow splice() to build full TSO packets
      netlink: fix races after skb queueing
      net: fix a race in sock_queue_err_skb()
      net: allow pskb_expand_head() to get maximum tailroom
      tcp: fix tcp_trim_head()
      tcp: avoid order-1 allocations on wifi and tx path
      tcp: fix tcp_grow_window() for large incoming frames
      netem: fix possible skb leak
      tcp: change tcp_adv_win_scale and tcp_rmem[2]
      pktgen: fix crash at module unload
      pktgen: fix module unload for good
      asix: allow full size 8021Q frames to be received
      splice: fix racy pipe->buffers uses
      NFC: Return from rawsock_release when sk is NULL
      net: l2tp_eth: fix kernel panic on rmmod l2tp_eth
      l2tp: fix a race in l2tp_ip_sendmsg()
      be2net: fix a race in be_xmit()
      dummy: fix rcu_sched self-detected stalls
      bonding: Fix corrupted queue_mapping
      netpoll: fix netpoll_send_udp() bugs
      asix: asix_rx_fixup surgery to reduce skb truesizes
      tcp: drop SYN+FIN messages
      bnx2x: fix checksum validation
      bnx2x: fix panic when TX ring is full
      net: remove skb_orphan_try()

Eric Paris (2):
      fcaps: clear the same personality flags as suid when fcaps are used
      SELinux: if sel_make_bools errors don't leave inconsistent state

Eric Sandeen (2):
      ext4: avoid deadlock on sync-mounted FS w/o journal
      ext4: force ro mount if ext4_setup_super() fails

Eric W. Biederman (4):
      net ax25: Reorder ax25_exit to remove races.
      net: In unregister_netdevice_notifier unregister the netdevices.
      bonding: debugfs and network namespaces are incompatible
      bonding: Manage /proc/net/bonding/ entries from the netdev events

Eugeni Dodonov (1):
      char/agp: add another Ironlake host bridge

Evan McNabb (1):
      USB: ftdi-sio: Add support for RT Systems USB-RTS01 serial adapter

Eyal Shapira (1):
      mac80211: fix ADDBA declined after suspend with wowlan

Felipe Balbi (5):
      xhci: don't re-enable IE constantly
      usb: gadget: udc-core: stop UDC on device-initiated disconnect
      usb: gadget: udc-core: fix wrong call order
      usb: dwc3: ep0: increment "actual" on bounced ep0 case
      usb: gadget: dummy: do not call pullup() on udc_stop()

Felix Fietkau (5):
      mac80211: fix AP mode EAP tx for VLAN stations
      ath9k: fix a use-after-free-bug when ath_tx_setup_buffer() fails
      skb: avoid unnecessary reallocations in __skb_cow
      ath9k: fix a tx rate duration calculation bug
      ath9k: fix dynamic WEP related regression

Feng Tang (3):
      ACPI: Make acpi_skip_timer_override cover all source_irq==0 cases
      ACPI: Remove one board specific WARN when ignoring timer overriding
      ACPI: Add a quirk for "AMILO PRO V2030" to ignore the timer overriding

Forest Bond (1):
      USB: option: Add USB ID for Novatel Ovation MC551

Francois Romieu (2):
      r8169: missing barriers.
      r8169: fix early queue wake-up.

Frank Rowand (1):
      modpost: Fix modpost license checking of vmlinux.o

Frank Svendsboe (1):
      mtd: of_parts: fix breakage in Kconfig

Fred Isaman (2):
      NFS: put open context on error in nfs_pagein_multi
      NFS: put open context on error in nfs_flush_multi

Gao feng (1):
      ipv6: fix incorrect ipsec fragment

Gaosen Zhang (1):
      USB: option: Add MEDIATEK product ids

Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
      m68k/mac: Add missing platform check before registering platform devices

Geoff Levand (1):
      usb: PS3 EHCI QH read work-around

Gerard Lledo (1):
      sungem: Fix WakeOnLan

Gertjan van Wingerde (1):
      rt2x00: Identify rt2800usb chipsets.

Grazvydas Ignotas (4):
      wl1251: fix crash on remove due to premature kfree
      wl1251: fix crash on remove due to leftover work item
      wl1251: fix oops on early interrupt
      usb: musb_gadget: fix crash caused by dangling pointer

Greg Kroah-Hartman (3):
      Linux 3.2.15
      Linux 3.2.16
      hfsplus: Fix potential buffer overflows

Guan Xin (1):
      USB: Add Motorola Rokr E6 Id to the USBNet driver "zaurus"

Guenter Roeck (2):
      hwmon: (fam15h_power) Fix pci_device_id array
      hwmon: (coretemp) Increase CPU core limit

H. Peter Anvin (7):
      asm-generic: Use __BITS_PER_LONG in statfs.h
      x86, realmode: 16-bit real-mode code support for relocs tool
      x86, relocs: Workaround for binutils section bug
      x86, relocs: When printing an error, say relative or absolute
      x86-32, relocs: Whitelist more symbols for ld bug workaround
      x86, relocs: Add jiffies and jiffies_64 to the relative whitelist
      x86, cpufeature: Rename X86_FEATURE_DTS to X86_FEATURE_DTHERM

Hans de Goede (2):
      usb-xhci: Handle COMP_TX_ERR for isoc tds
      gspca-core: Fix buffers staying in queued state after a stream_off

Hebbar, Gururaja (1):
      ASoC: tlv320aic3x: Fix codec pll configure bug

Heiko Carstens (1):
      s390/pfault: fix task state race

Henrik Rydberg (2):
      hwmon: (applesmc) Limit key length in warning messages
      Input: bcm5974 - Add support for 2012 MacBook Pro Retina

Herbert Xu (1):
      bridge: Do not send queries on multicast group leaves

Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski (10):
      UBUNTU: d-i: Add hid-logitech-dj to input-modules
      UBUNTU: d-i: Add rtl8187 driver to nic-usb-modules
      UBUNTU: linux: add Build-Depends for libnewt-dev, to enable perf TUI support
      Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: ite-cir: postpone ISR registration"
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: async_populate_rootfs: fix build warnings
      spi/spi-fsl-spi: reference correct pdata in fsl_spi_cs_control
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: fix get_gate_vma call in i386 NX emulation code
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: (drop after 3.2) ALSA: hda - restrict bass configuration on Dell Inspiron 17
      Revert "samsung-laptop: make the dmi check less strict"
      mtd: nandsim: don't open code a do_div helper

Hiroaki SHIMODA (1):
      dummy: Add ndo_uninit().

Huajun Li (1):
      USB: Remove races in devio.c

Hugh Dickins (2):
      mm: fix s390 BUG by __set_page_dirty_no_writeback on swap
      swap: fix shmem swapping when more than 8 areas

Hui Wang (1):
      can: flexcan: use be32_to_cpup to handle the value of dt entry

Ian Abbott (2):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: staging: comedi: Add module parameters for default buffer size
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: staging: comedi: Add kernel config for default buffer sizes

Ian Campbell (1):
      xen/netfront: teardown the device before unregistering it.

Ike Panhc (3):
      UBUNTU: [Config] add highbank flavour
      UBUNTU: [Config] add highbank into d-i list
      UBUNTU: [Config] Updateconfigs

Ilia Katsnelson (1):
      Input: xpad - add signature for Razer Onza Tournament Edition

Ingo van Lil (1):
      asix: Fix tx transfer padding for full-speed USB

J. Bruce Fields (1):
      nfsd: don't fail unchecked creates of non-special files

Jaccon Bastiaansen (1):
      ARM i.MX imx21ads: Fix overlapping static i/o mappings

James Bottomley (4):
      fix PA1.1 oops on boot
      fix panic on prefetch(NULL) on PA7300LC
      fix TLB fault path on PA2.0 narrow systems
      fix scsi_wait_scan

James Chapman (1):
      l2tp: fix oops in L2TP IP sockets for connect() AF_UNSPEC case

Jan Beulich (1):
      modpost: fix ALL_INIT_DATA_SECTIONS

Jan Kara (7):
      nfs: Enclose hostname in brackets when needed in nfs_do_root_mount
      ext3: Fix error handling on inode bitmap corruption
      ext4: fix error handling on inode bitmap corruption
      udf: Use 'ret' instead of abusing 'i' in udf_load_logicalvol()
      udf: Avoid run away loop when partition table length is corrupted
      udf: Fortify loading of sparing table
      scsi: Silence unnecessary warnings about ioctl to partition

Jan Kiszka (1):
      compat: Fix RT signal mask corruption via sigprocmask

Jan-Benedict Glaw (1):
      drm/i915: no lvds quirk for HP t5740e Thin Client

Jarkko Sakkinen (1):
      x86, relocs: Build clean fix

Jaroslav Kysela (1):
      ALSA: hda - add support for Uniwill ECS M31EI notebook

Jason Baron (2):
      Don't limit non-nested epoll paths
      epoll: clear the tfile_check_list on -ELOOP

Jason Gerecke (7):
      Input: wacom - add support for Cintiq 24HD
      Input: wacom - add LED support for Cintiq 24HD
      Input: wacom - fix 3rd-gen Bamboo MT when 4+ fingers are in use
      Input: wacom - add basic Intuos5 support
      Input: wacom - add Intuos5 Touch Ring/ExpressKey support
      Input: wacom - add Intuos5 Touch Ring LED support
      Input: wacom - add Intuos5 multitouch sensor support

Jason Wang (7):
      8139cp: set intr mask after its handler is registered
      net: sock: validate data_len before allocating skb in sock_alloc_send_pskb()
      macvtap: zerocopy: fix offset calculation when building skb
      macvtap: zerocopy: fix truesize underestimation
      macvtap: zerocopy: put page when fail to get all requested user pages
      macvtap: zerocopy: set SKBTX_DEV_ZEROCOPY only when skb is built successfully
      macvtap: zerocopy: validate vectors before building skb

Jason Wessel (5):
      kgdb,debug_core: pass the breakpoint struct instead of address and memory
      kgdbts: Fix kernel oops with CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA
      kgdbts: (1 of 2) fix single step awareness to work correctly with SMP
      kgdbts: (2 of 2) fix single step awareness to work correctly with SMP
      x86,kgdb: Fix DEBUG_RODATA limitation using text_poke()

Jean Delvare (1):
      hwmon: (it87) Preserve configuration register bits on init

Jeff Layton (3):
      cifs: when server doesn't set CAP_LARGE_READ_X, cap default rsize at MaxBufferSize
      cifs: on CONFIG_HIGHMEM machines, limit the rsize/wsize to the kmap space
      cifs: always update the inode cache with the results from a FIND_*

Jeff Mahoney (1):
      dl2k: Clean up rio_ioctl

Jeff Moyer (2):
      block: don't mark buffers beyond end of disk as mapped
      block: fix infinite loop in __getblk_slow

Jens Freimann (1):
      KVM: s390: do store status after handling STOP_ON_STOP bit

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (2):
      power_supply: allow a power supply to explicitly point to powered device
      power_supply: add "powers" links to self-powered HID devices

Jerome Glisse (1):
      drm/radeon: fix HD6790, HD6570 backend programming

Jesse Barnes (2):
      drm/i915: make rc6 module parameter read-only
      drm/i915: always use RPNSWREQ for turbo change requests

Jiang Liu (2):
      genirq: Adjust irq thread affinity on IRQ_SET_MASK_OK_NOCOPY return value
      memory hotplug: fix invalid memory access caused by stale kswapd pointer

Jiri Kosina (1):
      HID: wiimote: fix invalid power_supply_powers call

Joerg Roedel (4):
      iommu/amd: Make sure IOMMU interrupts are re-enabled on resume
      iommu/amd: Add workaround for event log erratum
      iommu/amd: Cache pdev pointer to root-bridge
      iommu/amd: Initialize dma_ops for hotplug and sriov devices

Johan Hovold (8):
      Bluetooth: uart-ldisc: Fix memory leak
      Bluetooth: hci_ldisc: fix NULL-pointer dereference on tty_close
      USB: serial: fix race between probe and open
      USB: pl2303: fix DTR/RTS being raised on baud rate change
      Bluetooth: hci_core: fix NULL-pointer dereference at unregister
      USB: move usb_translate_errors to linux/usb.h
      USB: option: fix port-data abuse
      USB: option: fix memory leak

Johannes Berg (9):
      nl80211: ensure interface is up in various APIs
      iwlwifi: fix hardware queue programming
      iwlagn: allow up to uCode API 6 for 6000 devices
      mac80211: clean up remain-on-channel on interface stop
      iwlwifi: disable WoWLAN if !CONFIG_PM_SLEEP
      iwlwifi: unregister LEDs if mac80211 registration fails
      cfg80211: fix interface combinations check
      iwlwifi: remove log_event debugfs file debugging is disabled
      mac80211: correct behaviour on unrecognised action frames

John David Anglin (2):
      fix crash in flush_icache_page_asm on PA1.1
      fix boot failure on 32-bit systems caused by branch stubs placed before .text

John Johansen (2):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: apparmor: fix long path failure due to disconnected path
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: apparmor: fix profile lookup for unconfined

John Stultz (5):
      ntp: Fix leap-second hrtimer livelock
      timekeeping: Fix CLOCK_MONOTONIC inconsistency during leapsecond
      hrtimer: Provide clock_was_set_delayed()
      timekeeping: Fix leapsecond triggered load spike issue
      hrtimer: Update hrtimer base offsets each hrtimer_interrupt

Jonas Gorski (1):
      MIPS: BCM63XX: Add missing include for bcm63xx_gpio.h

Jonathan Austin (1):
      ARM: 7384/1: ThumbEE: Disable userspace TEEHBR access for !CONFIG_ARM_THUMBEE

Jonathan Brassow (1):
      MD: Add del_timer_sync to mddev_suspend (fix nasty panic)

Jonathan Corbet (1):
      marvell-cam: fix an ARM build error

Jonathan Nieder (5):
      x86/PCI: use host bridge _CRS info on MSI MS-7253
      x86/PCI: do not tie MSI MS-7253 use_crs quirk to BIOS version
      brcm80211: smac: pass missing argument to 'brcms_b_mute'
      NFSv4: Revalidate uid/gid after open
      HID: logitech: read all 32 bits of report type bitfield

Jonghwan Choi (2):
      security: fix compile error in commoncap.c
      ARM: SAMSUNG: Should check for IS_ERR(clk) instead of NULL

Joonsoo Kim (1):
      slub: fix a memory leak in get_partial_node()

Jose Miguel Goncalves (1):
      ARM: SAMSUNG: Fix for S3C2412 EBI memory mapping

Josh Boyer (1):
      sony-laptop: Enable keyboard backlight by default

Josh Cartwright (1):
      jffs2: Fix lock acquisition order bug in gc path

João Paulo Rechi Vita (1):
      Bluetooth: btusb: Add USB device ID "0a5c 21e8"

Julia Lawall (2):
      drivers/tty/amiserial.c: add missing tty_unlock
      drivers/staging/comedi/comedi_fops.c: add missing vfree

Julian Anastasov (1):
      netns: do not leak net_generic data on failed init

Julien Ducourthial (1):
      r8169: fix unsigned int wraparound with TSO

Jun'ichi Nomura (1):
      Fix dm-multipath starvation when scsi host is busy

Junxiao Bi (2):
      ocfs2: clear unaligned io flag when dio fails
      aio: make kiocb->private NUll in init_sync_kiocb()

K. Y. Srinivasan (1):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: hv_storvsc: Account for in-transit packets in the RESET path

Kautuk Consul (2):
      ARM: 7178/1: fault.c: Port OOM changes into do_page_fault
      ARM: 7368/1: fault.c: correct how the tsk->[maj|min]_flt gets incremented

Kazuya Mio (1):
      wake up s_wait_unfrozen when ->freeze_fs fails

Kees Cook (3):
      sysctl: fix write access to dmesg_restrict/kptr_restrict
      futex: Do not leak robust list to unprivileged process
      docs: update HOWTO for 2.6.x -> 3.x versioning

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      drm/i915: Set the Stencil Cache eviction policy to non-LRA mode.

Kent Overstreet (1):
      bio: don't overflow in bio_get_nr_vecs()

Kent Yoder (1):
      crypto: sha512 - Fix byte counter overflow in SHA-512

Kenth Eriksson (2):
      Fix non TBI PHY access; a bad merge undid bug fix in a previous commit.
      spi/mpc83xx: fix NULL pdata dereference bug

Kirill A. Shutemov (1):
      hwmon: (coretemp) fix oops on cpu unplug

Kishon Vijay Abraham I (2):
      usb: gadget: udc-core: fix asymmetric calls in remove_driver
      usb: musb: omap: fix crash when musb glue (omap) gets initialized

Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (11):
      provide disable_cpufreq() function to disable the API.
      xen/acpi-processor: C and P-state driver that uploads said data to hypervisor.
      xen/acpi-processor: Do not depend on CPU frequency scaling drivers.
      xen/acpi: Fix Kconfig dependency on CPU_FREQ
      xen/acpi: Remove the WARN's as they just create noise.
      xen/cpufreq: Disable the cpu frequency scaling drivers from loading.
      xen/apic: Return the APIC ID (and version) for CPU 0.
      xen/xenbus: Add quirk to deal with misconfigured backends.
      xen/smp: Fix crash when booting with ACPI hotplug CPUs.
      xen/pte: Fix crashes when trying to see non-existent PGD/PMD/PUD/PTEs
      x86, amd, xen: Avoid NULL pointer paravirt references

Kuninori Morimoto (1):
      ASoC: ak4642: fixup: mute needs +1 step

Kusanagi Kouichi (1):
      x86, relocs: Remove an unused variable

KyongHo (1):
      mm: fix faulty initialization in vmalloc_init()

Lan Tianyu (1):
      ACPI / PM: Add Sony Vaio VPCCW29FX to nonvs blacklist.

Larry Finger (7):
      rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: rtl8192cu: rtl8192de: Fix low-gain setting when scanning
      rtlwifi: Add missing DMA buffer unmapping for PCI drivers
      rtlwifi: Fix oops on unload
      staging: r8712u: Fix regression caused by commit 8c213fa
      b43legacy: Fix error due to MMIO access with SSB unpowered
      rtlwifi: Preallocate USB read buffers and eliminate kalloc in read routine
      rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: New USB IDs

Lars-Peter Clausen (2):
      microblaze: Do not select GENERIC_GPIO by default
      staging:iio:ad7606: Re-add missing scale attribute

Laurent Pinchart (3):
      spi: Fix device unregistration when unregistering the bus master
      usb gadget: uvc: uvc_request_data::length field must be signed
      uvcvideo: Fix ENUMINPUT handling

Laxman Dewangan (1):
      i2c: tegra: notify transfer-complete after clearing status.

Leann Ogasawara (5):
      UBUNTU: Start new release
      UBUNTU: Bump ABI
      UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.2.0-24.37
      UBUNTU: [Config] Enable CONFIG_RT2800USB_RT35XX and CONFIG_RT2800USB_RT53XX

Lee, Chun-Yi (1):
      acer-wmi: No wifi rfkill on Sony machines

Lin Ming (2):
      ACPICA: Fix to allow region arguments to reference other scopes
      libata: skip old error history when counting probe trials

Lino Sanfilippo (1):
      sky2: dont overwrite settings for PHY Quick link

Linus Torvalds (7):
      Revert "autofs: work around unhappy compat problem on x86-64"
      pipes: add a "packetized pipe" mode for writing
      autofs: make the autofsv5 packet file descriptor use a packetized pipe
      Fix __read_seqcount_begin() to use ACCESS_ONCE for sequence value read
      Fix blocking allocations called very early during bootup
      vfs: make AIO use the proper rw_verify_area() area helpers
      vfs: make O_PATH file descriptors usable for 'fchdir()'

Linus Walleij (3):
      drivers/rtc/rtc-pl031.c: enable clock on all ST variants
      serial: PL011: clear pending interrupts
      serial: PL011: move interrupt clearing

Lothar Waßmann (1):
      Add missing call to uart_update_timeout()

Lubomir Schmidt (1):
      staging: r8712u: Add new USB IDs

Lucas De Marchi (1):
      kbuild: do not check for ancient modutils tools

Ludovic Desroches (1):
      mmc: atmel-mci: correct data timeout computation

Luis Henriques (22):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: ite-cir: postpone ISR registration
      UBUNTU: Start new release
      UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.2.0-24.38
      UBUNTU: Start new release
      UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.2.0-24.39
      UBUNTU: Start new release
      UBUNTU: Bump ABI
      rc: Postpone ISR registration
      UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.2.0-25.40
      UBUNTU: Start new release
      UBUNTU: Bump ABI
      UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.2.0-26.41
      UBUNTU: Start new release
      UBUNTU: Bump ABI
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: (upstreamed) [media] ene_ir: Fix driver initialisation
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: ocfs2: Fix NULL pointer dereferrence in __ocfs2_change_file_space
      UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.2.0-27.42
      UBUNTU: Start new release
      UBUNTU: Bump ABI
      UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.2.0-28.44
      UBUNTU: Start new release
      UBUNTU: Bump ABI

Luis R. Rodriguez (1):
      cfg80211: warn if db.txt is empty with CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB

Lukasz Kucharczyk (1):
      cfg80211: fix interface combinations check.

Mandeep Singh Baines (1):
      PM / Sleep: Prevent waiting forever on asynchronous suspend after abort

Manoj Iyer (3):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: Bluetooth: btusb: Add vendor specific ID (0489 e042) for BCM20702A0
      thinkpad-acpi: recognize Lenovo as version string in newer V-series BIOS
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: Bluetooth: btusb: Add vendor specific ID (0a5c:21f4) BCM20702A0

Marc Gariepy (1):
      drm/i915: Ignore LVDS on hp t5745 and hp st5747 thin client

Marc Kleine-Budde (1):
      mtd: ixp4xx: oops in ixp4xx_flash_probe

Marc Zyngier (2):
      ARM: 7379/1: DT: fix atags_to_fdt() second call site
      ARM: 7205/2: sched_clock: allow sched_clock to be selected at runtime

Marcelo Tosatti (1):
      KVM: VMX: vmx_set_cr0 expects kvm->srcu locked

Marcus Folkesson (1):
      i2c: davinci: Free requested IRQ in remove

Marek Belisko (1):
      staging: iio: hmc5843: Fix crash in probe function.

Marek Lindner (1):
      batman-adv: only drop packets of known wifi clients

Mario Limonciello (1):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: dell-laptop: rfkill blacklist Dell XPS 13z, 15

Mark Brown (8):
      ASoC: wm8994: Update WM8994 DCS calibration
      ASoC: dapm: Ensure power gets managed for line widgets
      ASoC: wm8994: Improve sequencing of AIF channel enables
      ASoC: wm8994: Fix AIF2ADC power down
      regulator: core: Release regulator-regulator supplies on error
      ASoC: wm8994: Ensure all AIFnCLK events are run from the _late variants
      ASoC: wm8994: Apply volume updates with clocks enabled
      gpiolib: wm8994: Pay attention to the value set when enabling as output

Mark Hills (1):
      ALSA: echoaudio: Remove incorrect part of assertion

Mark Langsdorf (1):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: arm highbank: add support for pl320-ipc driver

Mark Rustad (4):
      tcm_fc: Add abort flag for gracefully handling exchange timeout
      tcm_fc: Do not free tpg structure during wq allocation failure
      tcm_fc: Resolve suspicious RCU usage warnings
      tcm_fc: Fix crash seen with aborts and large reads

Martin Nyhus (1):
      dell-laptop: Terminate quirks list properly

Martin Schwidefsky (1):
      fix tlb flushing for page table pages

Martin Svec (1):
      target: Fix unsupported WRITE_SAME sense payload

Mathias Krause (1):
      crypto: aesni-intel - fix unaligned cbc decrypt for x86-32

Matt Carlson (4):
      tg3: Fix 5717 serdes powerdown problem
      tg3: Avoid panic from reserved statblk field access
      tg3: Fix TSO CAP for 5704 devs w / ASF enabled
      tg3: Apply short DMA frag workaround to 5906

Matt Johnson (1):
      ahci: Detect Marvell 88SE9172 SATA controller

Matthew Garrett (3):
      efi: Add new variable attributes
      efi: Validate UEFI boot variables
      efivars: Improve variable validation

Matthias Fend (1):
      USB: ffs-test: fix length argument of out function call

Maxim Levitsky (1):
      mtd: sm_ftl: fix typo in major number.

Meenakshi Venkataraman (4):
      iwlwifi: use correct released ucode version
      iwlwifi: update BT traffic load states correctly
      iwlwifi: do not use shadow registers by default
      iwlwifi: use correct supported firmware for 6035 and 6000g2

Mel Gorman (1):
      stable: Allow merging of backports for serious user-visible performance issues

Michael Gruetzner (1):
      Bluetooth: Add support for Foxconn/Hon Hai AR5BBU22 0489:E03C

Michael Krufky (2):
      smsusb: add autodetection support for USB ID 2040:c0a0
      smsusb: add autodetection support for USB ID 2040:f5a0

Michael Neuling (1):
      powerpc/kvm: sldi should be sld

Michal Hocko (1):
      mm: consider all swapped back pages in used-once logic

Michal Kazior (1):
      cfg80211: check iface combinations only when iface is running

Michał Mirosław (1):
      ethtool: allow ETHTOOL_GSSET_INFO for users

Mike Galbraith (1):
      namespaces, pid_ns: fix leakage on fork() failure

Mike Snitzer (5):
      dm mpath: check if scsi_dh module already loaded before trying to load
      dm thin: reinstate missing mempool_free in cell_release_singleton
      dm persistent data: fix shadow_info_leak on dm_tm_destroy
      dm persistent data: handle space map checker creation failure
      dm persistent data: fix allocation failure in space map checker init

Mikko Tuumanen (1):
      USB: serial: cp210x: add Optris MS Pro usb id

Mikulas Patocka (2):
      dm raid1: fix crash with mirror recovery and discard
      dm raid1: set discard_zeroes_data_unsupported

Minchan Kim (1):
      mm/vmalloc.c: change void* into explict vm_struct*

Ming Lei (1):
      usbnet: fix skb traversing races during unlink(v2)

Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan (3):
      ath9k: Fix a WARNING on suspend/resume with IBSS
      ath9k: Fix softlockup in AR9485
      ath9k_hw: avoid possible infinite loop in ar9003_get_pll_sqsum_dvc

Nadav Har'El (2):
      KVM: nVMX: Fix erroneous exception bitmap check
      vhost: don't forget to schedule()

Neal Cardwell (3):
      nohz: Fix stale jiffies update in tick_nohz_restart()
      tcp: fix tcp_rcv_rtt_update() use of an unscaled RTT sample
      tcp: fix TCP_MAXSEG for established IPv6 passive sockets

NeilBrown (7):
      md/bitmap: prevent bitmap_daemon_work running while initialising bitmap
      md: fix possible corruption of array metadata on shutdown.
      md/raid10: Don't try to recovery unmatched (and unused) chunks.
      md/raid10: fix failure when trying to repair a read error.
      md/raid1: fix use-after-free bug in RAID1 data-check code.
      md: avoid crash when stopping md array races with closing other open fds.
      md/raid1: close some possible races on write errors during resync

Nicholas Bellinger (3):
      target: Drop incorrect se_lun_acl release for dynamic -> explict ACL conversion
      target: Fix bug in handling of FILEIO + block_device resize ops
      target/file: Use O_DSYNC by default for FILEIO backends

Nicolas Dichtel (1):
      sctp: check cached dst before using it

Nicolas Ferre (2):
      dmaengine: at_hdmac: remove clear-on-read in atc_dostart()
      USB: ohci-at91: add a reset function to fix race condition

Nicolas Pitre (1):
      mmc: sdio: avoid spurious calls to interrupt handlers

Nishanth Menon (1):
      mfd: Clear twl6030 IRQ status register only once

Olaf Hering (1):
      Tools: hv: verify origin of netlink connector message

Oleg Nesterov (3):
      cred: copy_process() should clear child->replacement_session_keyring
      exit_signal: simplify the "we have changed execution domain" logic
      exit_signal: fix the "parent has changed security domain" logic

Oliver Neukum (6):
      uwb: fix use of del_timer_sync() in interrupt
      uwb: fix error handling
      USB: cdc-wdm: fix race leading leading to memory corruption
      USB: cdc-wdm: sanitize error returns
      USB: cdc-wdm: fix memory leak
      USB: fix resource leak in xhci power loss path

Oskari Saarenmaa (2):
      Input: sentelic - improve packet debugging information
      Input: sentelic - filter taps in absolute mode

Otto Meta (1):
      usb: cdc-acm: fix devices not unthrottled on open

Panayiotis Karabassis (1):
      ath9k: enable serialize_regmode for non-PCIE AR9287

Paolo Pisati (2):
      smsc95xx: mark link down on startup and let PHY interrupt deal with carrier changes

Paul E. McKenney (1):
      sparc64: Eliminate obsolete __handle_softirq() function

Paul Fox (1):
      Input: psmouse - use psmouse_[de]activate() from sentelic and hgpk drivers

Paul Gortmaker (1):
      drivers/net: dsa/mv88e6xxx.c files need linux/module.h

Paul Moore (1):
      cipso: handle CIPSO options correctly when NetLabel is disabled

Paul Walmsley (1):
      ARM: OMAP1: DMTIMER: fix broken timer clock source selection

Paul Zimmerman (1):
      usb: usbtest: two super speed fixes for usbtest

Paulo Zanoni (1):
      drm/i915: enable dip before writing data on gen4

Pavel Shilovsky (2):
      CIFS: Fix VFS lock usage for oplocked files
      fuse: fix stat call on 32 bit platforms

Pavel Vasilyev (1):
      ACPI sysfs.c strlen fix

Pawel Moll (1):
      ARM: versatile: Add missing ENDPROC to headsmp.S

Peng Tao (1):
      NFS4: fix compile warnings in nfs4proc.c

Peter Chen (1):
      usb: gadget: fsl_udc_core: dTD's next dtd pointer need to be updated once written

Peter Huang (Peng) (1):
      set fake_rtable's dst to NULL to avoid kernel Oops

Peter Korsgaard (2):
      hwrng: atmel-rng - fix race condition leading to repeated bits
      hwrng: atmel-rng - fix data valid check

Peter Zijlstra (1):
      sched/nohz: Rewrite and fix load-avg computation -- again

Phil Sutter (1):
      wimax: i2400m - prevent a possible kernel bug due to missing fw_name string

Philipp Grete (1):
      drm/i915: Fixes distorted external screen image on HP 2730p

Ping Cheng (2):
      Input: wacom - use BTN_TOOL_FINGER to indicate touch device type
      Input: wacom - use switch statement for wacom_tpc_irq()

Przemo Firszt (3):
      HID: wacom: Move parsing to a separate function
      HID: wacom: Initial driver for Wacom Intuos4 Wireless (Bluetooth)
      HID: wacom: Fix invalid power_supply_powers calls

Rabin Vincent (1):
      net: usb: cdc_eem: fix mtu

Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
      ACPI / PM: Make acpi_pm_device_sleep_state() follow the specification

Rajkumar Kasirajan (1):
      drivers/rtc/rtc-pl031.c: configure correct wday for 2000-01-01

Rajkumar Manoharan (1):
      ath9k: fix max noise floor threshold

Ricardo Martins (1):
      USB: fix PS3 EHCI systems

Richard Cochran (2):
      ixp4xx: fix compilation by adding gpiolib support
      ntp: Correct TAI offset during leap second

Richard Weinberger (2):
      um: Implement a custom pte_same() function
      um: Fix __swp_type()

Rob Herring (18):
      ARM: highbank: add xgmac ethernet devices to dts
      net: add calxeda xgmac ethernet driver
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: input: add a key driver for highbank
      ARM: msm: Add missing ENDPROC to headsmp.S
      ARM: ux500: add missing ENDPROC to headsmp.S
      ARM: exynos: remove incorrect BSYM usage
      ARM: imx: remove incorrect BSYM usage
      ARM: highbank: remove incorrect BSYM usage
      ARM: make BSYM macro assembly only
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: ARM: highbank: Add smc calls to enable/disable the L2
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: force DMA buffers to non-bufferable on highbank
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: net: calxedaxgmac: fix net timeout recovery
      ARM: timer-sp: add sched_clock support
      ARM: highbank: enable sp804 based sched_clock
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: net: calxedaxgmac: enable rx cut-thru mode
      ARM: 7201/1: add EDAC atomic_scrub function
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: EDAC: Add support for the highbank platform memory
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: EDAC: add support for highbank platform L2 cache ecc

Robert Richter (1):
      perf/x86: Update event scheduling constraints for AMD family 15h models

Roland Dreier (4):
      btree: fix tree corruption in btree_get_prev()
      target: Return error to initiator if SET TARGET PORT GROUPS emulation fails
      target: Clean up returning errors in PR handling code
      target: Fix range calculation in WRITE SAME emulation when num blocks == 0

Roland Stigge (1):
      i2c: pnx: Disable clk in suspend

RongQing.Li (1):
      ipv6: fix array index in ip6_mc_add_src()

Russ Anderson (1):
      mm: nobootmem: fix sign extend problem in __free_pages_memory()

Russell King (2):
      ARM: prevent VM_GROWSDOWN mmaps extending below FIRST_USER_ADDRESS
      ARM: fix rcu stalls on SMP platforms

Ryan Bourgeois (1):
      HID: add support for 2012 MacBook Pro Retina

Ryusuke Konishi (1):
      nilfs2: ensure proper cache clearing for gc-inodes

Sachin Prabhu (3):
      Fix length of buffer copied in __nfs4_get_acl_uncached
      Avoid reading past buffer when calling GETACL
      Avoid beyond bounds copy while caching ACL

Salman Qazi (3):
      sched/x86: Fix overflow in cyc2ns_offset
      ext4: add ext4_mb_unload_buddy in the error path
      ext4: remove mb_groups before tearing down the buddy_cache

Samuel Ortiz (1):
      NFC: Export nfc.h to userland

Santiago Garcia Mantinan (1):
      USB: option: re-add NOVATELWIRELESS_PRODUCT_HSPA_HIGHSPEED to option_id array

Santosh Nayak (1):
      dvb-core: Release semaphore on error path dvb_register_device()

Sarah Sharp (10):
      xhci: Don't write zeroed pointers to xHC registers.
      xhci: Restore event ring dequeue pointer on resume.
      xhci: Fix register save/restore order.
      UAS: Re-add workqueue items if submission fails.
      UAS: Use unique tags on non-streams devices.
      UAS: Free status URB when we can't find the SCSI tag.
      xhci: Avoid dead ports when CONFIG_USB_XHCI_HCD=n
      xhci: Add Lynx Point to list of Intel switchable hosts.
      xhci: Add new short TX quirk for Fresco Logic host.
      xhci: Reset reserved command ring TRBs on cleanup.

Sascha Hauer (1):
      ARM i.MX53: Fix PLL4 base address

Sasha Levin (3):
      phonet: Check input from user before allocating
      net: l2tp: unlock socket lock before returning from l2tp_ip_sendmsg
      init: don't try mounting device as nfs root unless type fully matches

Sean Paul (1):
      drm/i915: Add lock on drm_helper_resume_force_mode

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (7):
      usb/uas: use unique tags for all LUNs
      usb/uas: use scsi_host_find_tag() to find command from a tag
      usb/uas: one only one status URB/host on stream-less connection
      usb/uas: only bind if the hcd supports SG
      usb/uas: move UAS structs / defines into a header file
      usb/uas: add usb_pipe_usage_descriptor
      usb/uas: make sure data urb is gone if we receive status before that

Seth Forshee (2):
      b43: only reload config after successful initialization
      UBUNTU: (pre-stable): bcma: add ext PA workaround for BCM4331 and BCM43431

Sha Zhengju (1):
      memcg: free spare array to avoid memory leak

Shaohua Li (4):
      jbd2: use GFP_NOFS for blkdev_issue_flush
      md: using GFP_NOIO to allocate bio for flush request
      swap: don't do discard if no discard option added
      raid5: delayed stripe fix

Shawn Guo (1):
      ARM: imx6: exit coherency when shutting down a cpu

Shinya Kuribayashi (1):
      hwspinlock/core: use global ID to register hwspinlocks on multiple devices

Shirish Pargaonkar (2):
      cifs: Include backup intent search flags during searches {try #2)
      cifs: fix oops while traversing open file list (try #4)

Shuah Khan (1):
      iommu/amd: Fix missing iommu_shutdown initialization in passthrough mode

Shubhrajyoti D (1):
      usb: musb: omap: fix the error check for pm_runtime_get_sync

Siddhesh Poyarekar (1):
      mm/fork: fix overflow in vma length when copying mmap on clone

Simon Arlott (2):
      USB: ftdi_sio: fix status line change handling for TIOCMIWAIT and TIOCGICOUNT
      USB: ftdi_sio: fix race condition in TIOCMIWAIT, and abort of TIOCMIWAIT when the device is removed

Srinivas Kandagatla (1):
      phy:icplus:fix Auto Power Saving in ip101a_config_init.

Stanislav Yakovlev (2):
      ipw2200: Fix race condition in the command completion acknowledge
      net/wireless: ipw2x00: add supported cipher suites to wiphy initialization

Stanislaw Gruszka (6):
      mac80211: fix possible tid_rx->reorder_timer use after free
      iwlwifi: do not nulify ctx->vif on reset
      rt2x00: use atomic variable for seqno
      rtl8187: ->brightness_set can not sleep
      rt2x00usb: fix indexes ordering on RX queue kick
      iwlegacy: always monitor for stuck queues

Stanislaw Ledwon (1):
      usb: Add support for root hub port status CAS

Stefan Bader (2):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: sched: Fix race in task_group()
      UBUNTU: [Config] getabis enhancements

Stefan Metzmacher (1):
      fs/cifs: fix parsing of dfs referrals

Stefano Stabellini (2):
      xen/gntdev: do not set VM_PFNMAP
      xen: do not map the same GSI twice in PVHVM guests.

Steffen Müller (1):
      usb: add USB_QUIRK_RESET_RESUME for M-Audio 88es

Steffen Rumler (1):
      powerpc: Fix kernel panic during kernel module load

Stephan Gatzka (1):
      fec_mpc52xx: fix timestamp filtering

Stephane Fillod (1):
      net: usb: smsc75xx: fix mtu

Stephen M. Cameron (4):
      cciss: Initialize scsi host max_sectors for tape drive support
      cciss: Fix scsi tape io with more than 255 scatter gather elements
      hpsa: Fix problem with MSA2xxx devices
      hpsa: Add IRQF_SHARED back in for the non-MSI(X) interrupt handler

Stephen Warren (1):
      ARM: tegra: remove Tegra30 errata from MACH_TEGRA_DT

Steve Wise (2):
      RDMA/cxgb4: Always wake up waiters in c4iw_peer_abort_intr()
      RDMA/cxgb4: Drop peer_abort when no endpoint found

Steven Harms (1):
      Add Foxconn / Hon Hai IDs for btusb module

Steven Rostedt (2):
      tracing: Fix ent_size in trace output
      tracing: Fix stacktrace of latency tracers (irqsoff and friends)

Stone Piao (2):
      mwifiex: fix 11n rx packet drop issue
      mwifiex: fix WPS eapol handshake failure

Stuart Hayes (1):
      acpi_pad: fix power_saving thread deadlock

Sylwester Nawrocki (1):
      s5p-fimc: Fix locking in subdev set_crop op

Tai-hwa Liang (3):
      Input: sentelic - refactor code for upcoming new hardware support
      Input: sentelic - enabling absolute coordinates output for newer hardware
      Input: sentelic - minor code cleanup

Takashi Iwai (12):
      drm/radeon/kms: fix the regression of DVI connector check
      ALSA: hda/conexant - Don't set HP pin-control bit unconditionally
      ALSA: hda/conexant - Set up the missing docking-station pins
      ALSA: hda/idt - Fix power-map for speaker-pins with some HP laptops
      ALSA: hda - Add codec->no_jack_detect flag
      ALSA: hda - Suppress auto-mute feature on some machines with ALC861
      ALSA: hda - Add another jack-detection suppression for ASUS ALC892
      xhci: Fix invalid loop check in xhci_free_tt_info()
      xhci: Don't free endpoints in xhci_mem_cleanup()
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: ALSA: hda - Fix power-map regression for HP dv6 & co
      drm/i915: Fix eDP blank screen after S3 resume on HP desktops
      intel_ips: blacklist HP ProBook laptops

Takuya Yoshikawa (1):
      KVM: mmu_notifier: Flush TLBs before releasing mmu_lock

Tao Guo (1):
      umem: fix up unplugging

Tao Ma (1):
      ext4: don't set i_flags in EXT4_IOC_SETFLAGS

Tejun Heo (4):
      percpu, x86: don't use PMD_SIZE as embedded atom_size on 32bit
      percpu: pcpu_embed_first_chunk() should free unused parts after all allocs are complete
      block: fix buffer overflow when printing partition UUIDs
      workqueue: skip nr_running sanity check in worker_enter_idle() if trustee is active

Tetsuo Handa (1):
      TOMOYO: Fix mount flags checking order.

Theodore Ts'o (4):
      ext4: address scalability issue by removing extent cache statistics
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: ext4: fix the free blocks calculation for ext3 file systems w/ uninit_bg
      ext4: add missing save_error_info() to ext4_error()
      ext4: don't trash state flags in EXT4_IOC_SETFLAGS

Thomas Gleixner (6):
      gpio: mpc8xxx: Prevent NULL pointer deref in demux handler
      time: Move common updates to a function
      timekeeping: Maintain ktime_t based offsets for hrtimers
      hrtimers: Move lock held region in hrtimer_interrupt()
      timekeeping: Provide hrtimer update function
      timekeeping: Add missing update call in timekeeping_resume()

Thomas Graf (2):
      sctp: Allow struct sctp_event_subscribe to grow without breaking binaries
      ipv6: Move ipv6 proc file registration to end of init order

Thomas Hellstrom (2):
      drm/ttm: Fix spinlock imbalance
      drm/vmwgfx: Fix nasty write past alloced memory area

Thomas Jackson (1):
      libsas: fix sas_find_bcast_phy() in the presence of 'vacant' phys

Thomas Jarosch (1):
      PCI: Add quirk for still enabled interrupts on Intel Sandy Bridge GPUs

Thomas Renninger (1):
      cpufreq / ACPI: Fix not loading acpi-cpufreq driver regression

Tilman Schmidt (3):
      isdn/gigaset: ratelimit CAPI message dumps
      isdn/gigaset: fix CAPI disconnect B3 handling
      isdn/gigaset: improve error handling querying firmware version

Tim Bird (1):
      ARM: 7410/1: Add extra clobber registers for assembly in kernel_execve

Tim Gardner (11):
      UBUNTU: Extract firmware module info during getabi
      UBUNTU: [Config] Remove hiq-quanta module references
      UBUNTU: [Config] powerpc-smp: build in ATI and RADEON frame buffer drivers
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: Allow filtering of cpufreq drivers
      UBUNTU: [Config] perarch and indep tools builds need separate build directories
      UBUNTU: [Config] CONFIG_NET_DSA=m
      UBUNTU: [Config] armhf should not be skipabi or skipmodules
      UBUNTU: [Config] highbank -- highbank.ignore.modules
      UBUNTU: [Config] Enable CONFIG_CGROUPS for highbank
      UBUNTU: [Config] retrieve ABIs from PPA as a last attempt

Todd Poynor (1):
      ARM: SAMSUNG: fix race in s3c_adc_start for ADC

Tom Cassidy (1):
      USB: serial: sierra: Add support for Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U modem

Tomoki Sekiyama (2):
      USB: yurex: Remove allocation of coherent buffer for setup-packet buffer
      USB: yurex: Fix missing URB_NO_TRANSFER_DMA_MAP flag in urb

Tomoya MORINAGA (15):
      pch_uart: Fix MSI setting issue
      pch_gpio: Support new device LAPIS Semiconductor ML7831 IOH
      usb: gadget: pch_udc: Fix disconnect issue
      usb: gadget: pch_udc: Fix wrong return value
      usb: gadget: pch_udc: Fix USB suspend issue
      usb: gadget: pch_udc: Fix usb/gadget/pch_udc: Fix ether gadget connect/disconnect issue
      usb: gadget: pch_udc: Reduce redundant interrupt
      pch_dma: Support new device LAPIS Semiconductor ML7831 IOH
      spi-topcliff-pch: Support new device LAPIS Semiconductor ML7831 IOH
      pch_uart: Fix dma channel unallocated issue
      spi-topcliff-pch: Modify pci-bus number dynamically to get DMA device info
      spi-topcliff-pch: Fix issue for transmitting over 4KByte
      spi-topcliff-pch: supports a spi mode setup and bit order setup by IO control
      spi-topcliff-pch: add recovery processing in case wait-event timeout
      i2c-eg20t: change timeout value 50msec to 1000msec

Tony Luck (2):
      ia64: fix futex_atomic_cmpxchg_inatomic()
      x86/mce: Fix check for processor context when machine check was taken.

Tony Zelenoff (1):
      atl1: fix kernel panic in case of DMA errors

Trond Myklebust (9):
      NFSv4: Minor cleanups for nfs4_handle_exception and nfs4_async_handle_error
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: NFSv4: Ensure that the LOCK code sets exception->inode
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: NFSv4: Ensure that we check lock exclusive/shared type against open modes
      sunrpc: fix loss of task->tk_status after rpc_delay call in xprt_alloc_slot
      NFSv4: Map NFS4ERR_SHARE_DENIED into an EACCES error instead of EIO
      NFSv4.1: Fix a request leak on the back channel
      NFSv4: Fix unnecessary delegation returns in nfs4_do_open
      NFSv4: Reduce the footprint of the idmapper
      NFSv4: Further reduce the footprint of the idmapper

Tushar Dave (2):
      e1000: Prevent reset task killing itself.
      e1000e: Correct link check logic for 82571 serdes

Tyler Hicks (3):
      eCryptfs: Gracefully refuse miscdev file ops on inherited/passed files
      eCryptfs: Fix lockdep warning in miscdev operations
      eCryptfs: Properly check for O_RDONLY flag before doing privileged open

Ulrich Drepper (1):
      kbuild: install kernel-page-flags.h

Vaibhav Nagarnaik (1):
      tracing: change CPU ring buffer state from tracing_cpumask

Veaceslav Falico (1):
      bonding: properly unset current_arp_slave on slave link up

Wang YanQing (1):
      video:uvesafb: Fix oops that uvesafb try to execute NX-protected page

Wey-Yi Guy (1):
      iwlwifi: use 6000G2B for 6030 device series

Will Deacon (9):
      net: smsc911x: fix skb handling in receive path
      ARM: 7396/1: errata: only handle ARM erratum #326103 on affected cores
      ARM: 7397/1: l2x0: only apply workaround for erratum #753970 on PL310
      ARM: 7398/1: l2x0: only write to debug registers on PL310
      ARM: 7403/1: tls: remove covert channel via TPIDRURW
      ARM: 7406/1: hotplug: copy the affinity mask when forcefully migrating IRQs
      ARM: 7417/1: vfp: ensure preemption is disabled when enabling VFP access
      ARM: 7347/1: SCU: use cpu_logical_map for per-CPU low power mode
      oprofile: perf: use NR_CPUS instead or nr_cpumask_bits for static array

William Dauchy (1):
      NFSv4: Rate limit the state manager for lock reclaim warning messages

Willy Tarreau (1):
      tcp: do_tcp_sendpages() must try to push data out on oom conditions

Wolfgang Mauerer (1):
      tracing: Fix ftrace stack trace entries

Wolfram Sang (1):
      mtd: nand: gpmi: use correct member for checking NAND_BBT_USE_FLASH

Xi Wang (2):
      drm/i915: fix integer overflow in i915_gem_execbuffer2()
      drm/i915: fix integer overflow in i915_gem_do_execbuffer()

Yanmin Zhang (1):
      ipv4: fix the rcu race between free_fib_info and ip_route_output_slow

Yinghai Lu (1):
      PNPACPI: Fix device ref leaking in acpi_pnp_match

Yishai Hadas (1):
      IB/core: Fix mismatch between locked and pinned pages

Yuchung Cheng (1):
      tcp: fix infinite cwnd in tcp_complete_cwr()

Yuri Khan (2):
      Input: xpad - handle all variations of Mad Catz Beat Pad
      Input: xpad - add Andamiro Pump It Up pad

Yuri Matylitski (1):
      USB: serial: cp210x: Fixed usb_control_msg timeout values

Yuriy Kozlov (1):
      tty: serial: altera_uart: Check for NULL platform_data in probe.

Zhang Rui (1):
      ACPI, x86: fix Dell M6600 ACPI reboot regression via DMI

danborkmann@iogearbox.net (1):
      rose_dev: fix memcpy-bug in rose_set_mac_address

françois romieu (1):
      r8169: runtime resume before shutdown.

he, bo (1):
      sched: Fix OOPS when build_sched_domains() percpu allocation fails

majianpeng (2):
      md/raid5: Do not add data_offset before call to is_badblock
      md/raid5: In ops_run_io, inc nr_pending before calling md_wait_for_blocked_rdev

nagalakshmi.nandigama@lsi.com (2):
      mpt2sas: Fix for panic happening because of improper memory allocation
      mpt2sas: Fix unsafe using smp_processor_id() in preemptible

stephen hemminger (4):
      sky2: propogate rx hash when packet is copied
      sky2: fix receive length error in mixed non-VLAN/VLAN traffic
      sky2: fix checksum bit management on some chips
      bridge: Assign rtnl_link_ops to bridge devices created via ioctl (v2)

wwang (1):
      staging:rts_pstor:Fix possible panic by NULL pointer dereference

zhuangfeiran@ict.ac.cn (1):
      x86 bpf_jit: fix a bug in emitting the 16-bit immediate operand of AND

Émeric Maschino (1):
      ia64: Add accept4() syscall

Éric Piel (1):
      USB: ftdi-sio: add support for Physik Instrumente E-861

说不得 (1):