Edgy only offers a binary GUI control for printer sharing: Either all printers are shared to the local network, or no sharing happened at all. We both want to make this more flexible and also support sharing printers through Samba.


Printer sharing is very common in both commercial and home environments, thus it should be easy to set it up.

Use cases


This applies to Ubuntu and Xubuntu. KDE has its own printer management GUI, which is not covered here.


Configuration GUI

As specified in the PrinterDrake specification, we want to replace gnome-cups-manager by Printerdrake. Printerdrake offers a much more flexible configuration of ACLs and sharing:

Sharing printers to Windows

There are two principal methods of sharing a printer to Windows:

In either case, the printer is not automatically available on the Windows client, it needs to be manually added using the printer wizard. You also need to supply a driver for it (usually by using the driver CD shipped with the printer). Samba allows to automatically supply printer drivers to the Windows clients, but this currently requires shipping and installing Windows specific DLLs on the print server. This case is not handled here; the cups developers plan a free solution for this in a future version.




Data preservation and migration

None required. Printers are never switched to be shared automatically on upgrades.


How about linking to http://localhost:631/ for users to configure CUPS? You can share printers quite easily that way, but only between Linux/BSD/Mac/Solaris/whatever else uses CUPS. It'd be useful to add some Samba-related printer options to the CUPS page if possible. -Junx


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