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Mandriva's printing guru Till Kamppeter wanted to meet us in Paris to exchange some ideas and knowledge about the printing stack (cupsys, foomatic, gutenprint, etc.). So this is rather a meta-spec to allocate discussion time. From this, several concrete specifications may arise.


Printing in Ubuntu is currently in a pretty bad shape: we have a lot of regressions wrt printer model support compared to Breezy, and the Gnome UI is getting obsolete.

Use cases





Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

  • find people interested in doing printing maintenance in Ubuntu, since we currently do not have knowledgeable people
  • improving printer bug triage: a lot of bugs are ignored right now, and we saw a huge number of regressions compared to Breezy (with an older cups and gutenprint).
  • investigate alternative printer management UI solutions; g-cups-manager is abandoned upstream, lacks dbus/hal integration for proper hotplug support and automatic configuration.
  • in the last printing summit the attendees agreed to a new and open standard to replace the current PPD format (doko: please fill in some details), but again implementation lacks manpower.


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