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Clear message

The source for this document can be gotten from Bazaar:

$ bzr cat lp:upstart-app-launch/MERGE-REVIEW

This documents the expections that the project has on what both submitters and reviewers should ensure that they've done for a merge into the project.

Submitter Responsibilities

  • Ensure the project compiles and the test suite executes without error
  • Ensure that non-obvious code has comments explaining it

Reviewer Responsibilities

  • Did the Jenkins build compile? Pass? Run unit tests successfully?
  • Are there appropriate tests to cover any new functionality?
  • If this MR effects application startup:
    • Where you able to test starting a click app? (i.e. clock)
    • Where you able to test starting a legacy app? (i.e. system settings)
    • Where you able to test secondary activation? (i.e. system settings running, settings item from an indicator)