Test dependencies

This test plan should be executed from the command line tools available in the obexd package.

For the test dependencies:

  1. Make it writable: $ phablet-config writable-image

  2. Install dependencies: $ sudo apt-get install python-gobject python-dbus python

Specific Detailed Tests

Test 1 - Receiving files:

  1. Start the simple-agent (as phablet user): $ /usr/share/doc/obexd-server/examples/simple-agent

  2. Open system-settings, go into the bluetooth page, so other devices are able to find the test device
  3. From another phone (e.g. android or ubuntu), try sending a file via OBEX (I used Astro File Manager in Android)
  4. Pair the connection from the other device
  5. Accept the connection at the test device: Authorize (/test/agent, XX:FA:12:10:DA:B5, IMG.jpg) Y/n

  6. Enter a path for the transfered file: Full filename (including path): /tmp/foo.jpg

  7. Open the file and check for the content

Test 2 - Sending files:

  1. Find out the bluetooth address for the target device ($ hcitool scan)

  2. Initiate the file transfer from the test device (as phablet user): $ /usr/share/doc/obexd-client/examples/send-files XX:FA:12:10:DA:B5 /tmp/foo.jpg

  3. Accept the connection and the file on the other device
  4. Open the file and check for the content

Test 3 - Bluetooth Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP)

  1. Make sure you have valid contacts in your address book
  2. Connect with a compatible carkit that uses BT PBAP or IrMC (e.g. cars with bluetooth support)
  3. See if the target device is able to receive the contacts available in your address book

Test 4 - Multimedia folders exported via OBEX:

  1. Connect to the device using your Ubuntu host machine
  2. Go to the bluetooth panel (host), and click in 'Browse Files'
  3. Nautilus should open up with a folder containing the following directories: Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos
  4. You should be able to copy and remove files from such folders, just like MTP

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