Testing Aethercast

Aethercast is a way to transfer the image from the phone to a tv/monitor, currently it requires a microsoft dongle.

Basic Tests

  1. Connecting to a dongle
    1. Currently once the dongle is powered on or reboot you need to connect from an android device first, after doing so you can connect via the Ubuntu device.
    2. Connect by opening system settings and selecting displays and brightness
    3. Switch on External display
    4. Tap on Wireless display
    5. Select the dongle
    6. Screen say it is a track pad and the os is displayed on the tv/monitor
  2. Disconnect
    1. Open system settings move to displays and brightness
    2. Move to wireless displays
    3. Tap on the dongle name
    4. Os return to phone display
  3. Moving out of range of the dongle
    1. Move out of range
    2. Dongle connections is dropped and screen returns to phone

Advanced Tests

  1. Cursor movement
    1. Move the mouse pointer
    2. Ensure movement is smooth and acurate
  2. Clicking and scrolling
    1. Use the screen it click on web browser app
    2. In the url bar click on the clear button
    3. Long click on Shop link and open in a new tab
    4. On the opened tab scroll up and down with 2 fingers
  3. OSK
    1. In the browser click on the url bar clear it
    2. Click on the now blank url bar
    3. Use the OSK on the phone screen to type in and hit return
  4. Reboot test
    1. Reboot device 5 times and check that each time you can discover nearby sinks from system-settings.

Known Issues

  1. Enable/disable flight mode does not cause WiFi Display enable switch to change . Caused by

  2. wpa_supplicant claims P2P support is not available

  3. Enable/disable hotspot mode causes aethercast to not find any displays

  4. Needs indicator-network to respect Wireless Display Device name displayed on remote device not consistent

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