• udisks2
  • ubuntu-push-client

Test Plan


System Under Test


  • Device with sdcard slot.
  • SDCard formatted with at least one block device exposing the Filesystem interface being of type vfat.


  • Install image on SUT: ubuntu-device-flash --channel ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed

  • Run citrain device-upgrade [silo]

Alternative for RTM

  • Install image on SUT: ubuntu-device-flash --channel ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed

  • Go to PPA and copy link for deb for ciborium's corresponding target arch.
  • phablet-shell
    wget $ciborium_link
    sudo mount -o remount,rw /
    sudo dpkg -i ciborium*.deb
    sudo apt install -f
    sudo reboot


  • Insert the SD Card into the SUT's slot.

  • Verify in ciborium upstart logs that a message like 2014/08/07 12:16:32 Mounted /org/freedesktop/UDisks2/block_devices/mmcblk1p1 as /media/phablet/MY CARD is presented and verify that the path is indeed mounted.

  • On the SUT, verify that an OSD notification bubble and a persistent message is presented like:


  • The same should happen on boot.
  • Inserting a card with a filesystem different than vfat will display an error message. An easy way to trigger this is running:  sudo /sbin/mkfs.ext4 /dev/mmcblk1  from phablet shell (assuming no partitions and on phablet; don't use /dev/mmcblk0!!!).


  • Tapping on the osd or through interaction with the notification center should url-dispatch to the sdcard management app.
  • If any of the directories  Music Pictures Videos Documents Downloads  didn't exist before, ciburium should create them.


  • Remove the SD Card into the SUT's slot.

  • Verify that the mount path, prior correct mounting, is no longer present.

SD Card Management app

  • It shall list available drives, not blocks

  • Has a format option which will format after asking


  • Has an unmount option.
  • By design, if this app is focused, notifications are not displayed.


  • Install the file manager application.
  • Unlock all features in the file manager application.
  • Insert the SD Card into the SUT's slot.

  • Ensure thar you can navigate to the SD Card from the file manager application.
  • Once in the SD Card add a number fo testing files.
  • Use the SD Card Management app to format the SD Card.
  • Ensure that you can navigate to the SD Card from the file manager application and that the data was indeed removed.
  • Check that the mounted sdcard contains the following media folders:

$ find /media/phablet

Availability of the media folders

  • With the sdcard mounted, remove everything using the shell rm -rf /home/phablet/<SDCARD>/*

  • Hit safely remove
  • Remove the sdcard and add it again
  • Now check that the mounted sdcard contains the following media folders:

$ find /media/phablet

Stress Unmounting/Mounting

Iterate at least for 10 times (with the External Drivers app):

  • Add a valid sdcard
  • Check that the sdcard was indeed mounted: ls /home/phablet/

  • Hit safely remove
  • Check that the card was indeed unmounted: ls /home/phablet/

  • Remove the sdcard

Sdcard needs to be mounted and unmounted successfully for every test iteration.

Additional information

  • Monitor $HOME/.cache/upstart/ciborium.log for additional information.

  • Mount path is system determined, logs should show where a block device is mounted, the case for now is /media/$USER, notice that this path does not fully exist on first boot.

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