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debhelper improvements for Python


UDS-P session notes

Standardised way to do testing? setuptools + packaging have " test"

  • it would be nice if distutils would exit 0 here...


  • Barry proposes a tool, pyti (GSOC project), that can introspect a package and work out how to test it.
  • Barry is working with distutils SIG to get the test info into the egg-info output
  • Piotr will rewrite py3multibuild soon, now that 2.7 is the only supported version, this is the priority.
    • It will live in python-defaults, target 3 (primarily) and 2.7

dh_python2 in lucid:

  • Some bugs seen in oneiric due to dh_python2.
  • Doko proposes backporting the maverick dh_python2
  • Build flags. There is a standard way of passing flags to, but this requires patching distutils / setuptools.

dh_python2 transition in oneric:

  • Some patches were rejected because lucid doesn't have dh_python2 yet.
  • Many patches accepted.
  • Many ignored so far.
  • Gtk and Gnome converted.

MIR team only accepting dh_python2.

Alternative pythons:

  • Python3 can support this relatively sanely.
  • How to state support:
  • * tox can help test across python implementations.
  • pypy still moving too fast to be included, but there are PPAs

Rebuild all python packages that are still have 2.6 extensions. Build lsb with python3 again Smile :)

Action items:

  • barry to look into getting distutils to exit 0
  • slangasek to file a bug about build flags against distribute, python2.7, python3.2
  • doko: dh_python2 in lucid
  • doko to rebuild python packages with 2.6 extensions
  • doko to port lsb again