Python-2.5 will be released on September 12, the current beta release was released on schedule. Ship edgy with python2.5 in main, either as default, or as a supported version.

(Due to additional beta releases. The release date has slipped to September 12, from August 8 as originally written in this spec)


Ubuntu has a strong committment to the Python language, so users may expect availability for the latest release.


With the current packaging using python-{central,support}, we have the possibility to add/drop supported python versions more easily. In theory we are able to add a new version and then to rebuild all needed packages to support the new python version. In practice, not all packages are compatible with new python versions, so some fixing is required.

  • Rebuild all python related packages after the sync from unstable in a test archive to support python2.5 as well.
  • Decide if it is a viable option to support python2.5.
  • Decide if it is a viable option to make python2.5 the default.


  • python2.5 packages are done; testing is done for the Ubuntu release architectures (see

  • Rebuild all packages with extensions (the rebuild of packages can profit from an automatic build infrastructure).
  • If applicable, set the default version to 2.5 (python-defaults). Packages that need a rebuild:
    • packages with private extension modules
    • packages with shared extension modules only built for the "current" version.
    • packages that embed the python interpreter (like vim).
    • any other package which still depends on python (<< 2.5); there shouldn't be many of these. Packages which hardcode the python version in the source package need a manual upload.

Data preservation and migration

  • Packages containing extensions may double in size (worst case), so CD sizes may increase by 2-4MB. On the other hand, packages are not byte-compiled for optimized bytecode anymore, so we regain some of that space.

BoF agenda and discussion

  • If the spec is approved, we will support two python versions for edgy. It seems too risky to drop python2.4.


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