You've probably been directed here by the "snippet module dependency" feature of Acire. This is because at present:

  • The feature is limited to searching configured software repositories on your system, for packages that could be installed to supply the missing Python module required by the snippet.
  • While the required package is probably available in a PPA (Personal Package Archive, outside Ubuntu's official repositories) on, we are currently exploring how to discover and recommend such a PPA to you.

Our apologies for the inconvenience, but Acire is still young, and under heavy development; as it matures, you should have a smoother experience combined with great functionality.

In the meantime, if the snippet that brought you here is one you urgently want to run, you can try a manual approach:

  1. Note the name of the module reported as missing. For example, for the snippet titled "Recently used items (async)" (in the category "Zeitgeist") - if you don't have the relevant package installed already, the missing modules list will contain "zeitgeist" - note, or copy this name.
  2. Do a Google search for (including quotes) "Adding this PPA to your system" modulename (where modulename is the name you noted in step 1). For example, "Adding this PPA to your system" zeitgeist.

  3. Visit the resulting pages in the Google search, and look for a link near the top that says "(Read about installing)". Click it to view a pop-up that explains how you can add the PPA to your Ubuntu Software Sources.

  4. After adding the PPA to your Software Sources, close the Software Sources dialog, and reload the sources information when prompted.
  5. Close and restart Acire so it can refresh the list of available Python-related packages.
  6. Navigate, in Acire, to the snippet that earlier presented you the popup about missing module(s), and see if the problem is now resolved - if you are prompted to install one or more packages. If not, please try from step 2 once again.

If you are unable to find how to install the required package, check to see if someone has posted a question for the same snippet or module at the Python Snippets Answers page. If there is no question yet, consider posting one yourself (you will need to create a Launchpad account if you don't have one yet).

Thank you for using Acire, and we hope you enjoy it!

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