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DEP-8 / adt

DEP-8 is a standard format for describing test suites in both debian and click packages. autopkgtest is a test runner that understands DEP-8 and can run tests in a number of a different backeds (schroot, qemu, ssh etc). By separating these two concerns, we get more reproducible builds, a clearer definition of tests, and a more explicit list of test requireents.


Releasing Autopilot

QA Best Practices

From time to time the Ubuntu Engineering QA department will make recommendations to other teams around what test helpers are needed. These proposals will appear here. They may be useful to get an idea of what is expected for new feature QA acceptance criteria.


A repository for Ops-related and useful tools, including:

  • Trello silo-card creation, interface to CI Train.
  • PractitTest tracking.

  • Metrics.

A list of recommended tools & libraries.

  • Autopilot for Functional & User acceptance tests.

  • Use the Subunit v2 format for all test results. Avoid junitXML please. (Autopilot supports subunitout-of-the-box).

  • Use testscenarios to add scenarios to tests. Be careful though, as this can make tests less readable. If in doubt, ask a QA engineer.

  • Use testtools to test python projects where autopilot is not available.

  • Use testresources to maintain expensive resources across multiple tests.

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