We are considering developing a test suite for the ui toolkit. This is no small undertaking so a few initial details will be needed for whoever decides to do it.

What is the toolkit?

The UI Toolkit provides the building blocks to write applications in QML for Ubuntu. This package ships with Saucy images (desktop and phablet).

Any other components that may need testing? After the UI Toolkit is covered we will need to get coverage for qtcreator-plugins.

Why testing the toolkit?

The toolkit is a very important part of Ubuntu and is evolving rapidly. Having a solid test suite that shows when things have changed and gives confidence to developers that they are not making app developer lives difficult is a must.

Information Regarding the Toolkit

What kind of testing needs to be developed?

First we will develop a test application where the different UI building blocks can be used. Then we will interact with that application from autopilot, and make sure that when events are generated, the application reacts to them as expected.

This testing will be primarily functional testing for positive actions (i.e. when things are good) and for error situations.

Where will these tests run/be reported?

We will run these tests on every image that is produced that contains the UI toolkit. We will get results from those tests on reports.qa.ubuntu.com, smoke testing.

When are we starting this?

ASAP, this work will probably be tracked on this blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-s-ubuntu-touch-image-testing

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