Agenda - 2008-07-30

  • Bug Importance Guidelines
  • Iso Testing Bug report layout. While testing UME cgregan came up with a nice bug report template to write out reports. I am attempting to do the same thing for Iso testing. I think the polished our reports are the more the dev's will look to them. (As the QATeam I also feel we should lead the way hear too). Here is a Layout I've tried for the first time comments please. - davmor2

  • Bugs in backport packages. Which should the policy with those be? It is clearly written that those packages are unsupported. -- AraPulido

  • QA Liaison to Launchpad (LaserJock)

  • FAUMachine for installation testing (LaserJock)

Meeting Log: MeetingLogs/QATeam/20080730

Meeting Summary

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