Meeting started at 17:04:06 UTC. The chair is gema. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-01-11-17.04.log.html .

Meeting summary

  • Previous Actions

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation (patrickmw, 17:08:04) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation (patrickmw, 17:09:29)

  • Blueprints Updates and Community Tasks

ACTION: alourie to merge the new version of the wiki with the old one (gema, 17:12:11)

  • Updates Xubuntu

LINK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/911905 (charlie-tca, 17:31:59)

  • Updates Lubuntu
  • Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Mithbuntu

ACTION: balloons to add Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio to the agenda (gema, 17:42:17)

  • Other topics

Meeting ended at 17:49:18 UTC.


Action items

  • alourie to merge the new version of the wiki with the old one
  • balloons to add Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio to the agenda

Action items, by person

  • alourie
  • * alourie to merge the new version of the wiki with the old one
  • balloons
  • * balloons to add Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio to the agenda

People present (lines said)

  • gema (107)
  • alourie (45)
  • balloons (26)
  • txomon|nqas (17)
  • phillw (13)
  • hggdh (12)
  • charlie-tca (10)
  • micahg (8)
  • ScottK (6)
  • patrickmw (5)
  • meetingology (5)
  • astraljava (4)
  • nuclearbob (4)
  • jibel (4)
  • leworks (3)
  • stgraber (2)
  • ubottu (1)

Full Log

  • 17:04:06 <gema> #startmeeting

    17:04:06 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Jan 11 17:04:06 2012 UTC. The chair is gema. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

    17:04:06 <meetingology>

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    17:04:25 <gema> so who is present today on the meeting? 17:04:42 * txomon|nqas is here 17:04:47 * charlie-tca seems to be here today

    17:04:47 <phillw> o/ 17:04:51 * balloons present and accounted for

    17:05:09 <jibel> hi o/

    17:05:34 * gema is getting everyone to answer Big Grin :)

    17:05:38 <hggdh> ~ô~

    17:05:41 <nuclearbob> howdy

    17:05:51 <leworks> ~w

    17:06:07 <nuclearbob> er

    17:06:08 <nuclearbob> szia

    17:06:17 <gema> good, let's get started then

    17:06:31 <gema> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:06:46 <gema> phillw: do we have any pending action from last week?

    17:06:58 <phillw> gema: just that one carried over action.

    17:07:13 <gema> patrickmw: you created this link, didn't you?

    17:07:31 <patrickmw> yes, let me grab that

    17:08:04 <patrickmw> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation

    17:08:13 <gema> cool, thanks

    17:08:30 <alourie> hi there

    17:08:44 <gema> hi alourie

    17:08:52 <balloons> hello alourie

    17:08:56 <gema> alourie: could you make sure that links makes it to the front of our wiki?

    17:09:05 <gema> patrickmw: thanks a lot

    17:09:06 <alourie> gema: sorry?

    17:09:14 <gema> the link that patrickmw just pasted

    17:09:23 <gema> with links to all the projects and test code

    17:09:29 <patrickmw> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation

    17:09:32 <alourie> ah, sure

    17:09:35 <alourie> it's there

    17:09:39 <gema> thanks

    17:09:41 <patrickmw> Smile :)

    17:09:44 <patrickmw> indeed

    17:09:54 <alourie> I will

    17:09:54 <gema> so that action is dealt with

    17:10:00 <gema> let's move on

    17:10:17 <gema> [TOPIC] Blueprints Updates and Community Tasks

    17:10:27 <gema> we are going to do the update quickly today

    17:10:37 <gema> alourie: do you have any update?

    17:11:06 <alourie> gema: I've been working on wiki update, so I can see you and Nicholas have looked at it

    17:11:16 <alourie> I am now more happy with the structure and the content

    17:11:35 <gema> excellent, we love the changes but are confused by the duality

    17:11:37 <alourie> so I think we're ready for feedback and replacing the main page

    17:11:40 <gema> so merging it would be good

    17:11:47 <alourie> yea

    17:11:49 <balloons> alourie, yep, I think so

    17:12:04 <balloons> much less confusing now

    17:12:07 <alourie> balloons, gema: I just saw the email, will read it later

    17:12:11 <gema> [ACTION] alourie to merge the new version of the wiki with the old one 17:12:11 * meetingology alourie to merge the new version of the wiki with the old one

    17:12:25 <gema> I like actions Big Grin :)

    17:12:25 <alourie> btw, is there a way to move complete trees of wiki?

    17:12:40 <gema> alourie: I don't think so, but not sure

    17:12:43 <alourie> I've been playing with the idea to move some of the Testing/... to QATeam/...

    17:12:49 <balloons> alourie, I can dig around and help you with that

    17:12:50 <balloons> I was looking into it this afternoon mysel

    17:12:52 <balloons> *myself

    17:13:06 <alourie> balloons: well, it's wiki, so it kinda should be possible

    17:13:12 <balloons> no promises there's an easy way Smile :-)

    17:13:22 <balloons> right.. export and import if nothing else

    17:13:28 <gema> in any case, we may want to do a copy&paste, whichever way

    17:13:40 <alourie> gema, balloons: or we can leave it as it is

    17:13:45 <alourie> and just link properly

    17:13:56 <alourie> let me work on it a bit

    17:14:00 <alourie> and finally

    17:14:10 <gema> alourie: you got it, make sure balloons help you with that

    17:14:18 <alourie> there's a lot of obsolete stuff there

    17:14:24 <gema> alourie: remove it

    17:14:26 <alourie> which is no longer relevant

    17:14:29 <gema> it is confusing

    17:14:32 <alourie> gema: yes, that's my point

    17:14:46 <alourie> maybe not remove per se, but "archive" of a sort

    17:14:46 <gema> alourie: if you don't feel comfy with it, I will grab the axe 17:14:50 * txomon|nqas laughs

    17:14:55 <alourie> gema: oh, don't worry

    17:15:04 <gema> alourie: it's a wiki, there's history there

    17:15:04 <alourie> I worry that my axe could be too large Smile :-)

    17:15:07 <gema> don't worry and remove it

    17:15:11 <alourie> gema: sure

    17:15:15 <alourie> I'm done

    17:15:20 <gema> ok

    17:15:21 <alourie> ...

    17:15:26 <gema> txomon|nqas: do you have any update?

    17:15:43 <txomon|nqas> not refering the wiki

    17:15:51 <gema> and referring to anything else?

    17:16:23 <txomon|nqas> well, I would like to discuss what we already started discussing in the mail-list

    17:16:24 <balloons> alourie, yes in general it's best to not have old content.. just confuses everyone Smile :-)

    17:16:41 <alourie> balloons: yea, sure

    17:16:59 <balloons> txomon|nqas, the bug report?

    17:17:01 <gema> txomon|nqas: you mean the bug?

    17:17:12 <txomon|nqas> more meant to be a post, but yes

    17:17:23 <alourie> o oh

    17:17:27 <gema> txomon|nqas: ok, can we discuss this next week?

    17:17:28 <alourie> Smile :-)

    17:17:37 <txomon|nqas> oki

    17:17:38 <gema> place it in the agenda as an item?

    17:17:42 <alourie> gema: please

    17:17:47 <gema> or if you prefer, you could answer to my email

    17:17:56 <txomon|nqas> I prefer

    17:18:08 <alourie> gema: place it to agenda, if we solve it through mail discussion, we'll remove it

    17:18:10 <txomon|nqas> don't know if I will be able to be here

    17:18:16 <alourie> txomon|home:

    17:18:21 <gema> txomon|nqas: ok

    17:18:30 <gema> let's do it by email so that everyone benefits from it

    17:18:34 <balloons> txomon|nqas, did you have any thoughts on possible action items to take that you wanted feedback on?

    17:19:03 <txomon|nqas> I have been testing packages independently

    17:19:06 <balloons> otherwise, email should work nicely

    17:19:19 <txomon|nqas> and that for example is not quite stable

    17:19:31 <txomon|nqas> in gnome packets dependencies missing etc

    17:19:36 <gema> txomon|nqas: is this one of the tasks in our current list of things to do?

    17:19:42 <gema> or something you'd like to add there?

    17:19:48 <txomon|nqas> gema: add

    17:19:56 <gema> txomon|nqas: ok, so make the changes on the wiki

    17:20:04 <txomon|nqas> will

    17:20:20 <alourie> txomon|home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/TasksPrecise

    17:20:38 <gema> yep

    17:20:39 <balloons> you can find that link on the main page now, if you lose it

    17:20:49 <txomon|nqas> oki ty

    17:21:08 <gema> good, so from next week onwards we'll start working on it

    17:21:31 <gema> I will wait for lubuntu and xubuntu updates for charlie-tca and phillw

    17:21:39 <gema> so, hggdh any update from you? 17:21:47 * phillw is here 17:21:51 * charlie-tca too

    17:22:02 * gema knows, you have your own agenda item Big Grin :)

    17:22:14 <hggdh> not from me, coming back from vacation Smile :-)

    17:22:20 <gema> jibel: ?

    17:23:14 <jibel> currently working on upgrades from lucid to precise to make it as smooth as possible

    17:23:21 <jibel> not much else to report

    17:23:28 <gema> ok, thanks

    17:23:35 <gema> leworks:

    17:23:36 <gema> ?

    17:23:42 <leworks> Nothing from me

    17:23:58 <gema> ok, just to let you know, guys, leworks is our new QA Admin

    17:24:07 <gema> he knows all about the lab and can run things and fix stuff

    17:24:14 <gema> nuclearbob: ?

    17:25:08 <nuclearbob> I've sent a number of patches to the qa-regression-testing suite, and I've been working with the kernel team to get autotest tests ported and usable on ubuntu and in the qa lab, particualrly with an eye toward develpping a process to do this in the future with less manual intervention

    17:25:30 <gema> excellent, thank you

    17:25:40 <gema> balloons: you are up 17:25:53 * balloons ducks

    17:26:06 <balloons> updates from me... 17:26:07 * txomon|nqas ¬¬ wet

    17:27:04 <balloons> I am the new QA community coordinator here at canonical and have been introduced to the team here. I'd like to say hello as well to all of you. 17:27:29 * txomon|nqas says hi!

    17:27:35 <gema> welcome, balloons 17:27:38 * alourie joins txomon|home

    17:27:42 <alourie> welcome balloons

    17:27:44 <jibel> hi balloons

    17:27:44 <charlie-tca> Welcome, balloons

    17:27:48 <balloons> I sent around a post in Decemeber, but I am in the job now and ready to get rolling. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions/concerns/ideas for quality in ubuntu.. I see good things ahead

    17:28:01 <hggdh> welcome balloons also! 17:28:11 * gema is happy that someone is taking over the chairing... because you are balloons .. right?

    17:28:14 <phillw> welcome balloons

    17:28:23 <txomon|nqas> welcome balloons

    17:28:26 <hggdh> balloons is region

    17:28:29 <hggdh> legion

    17:28:53 <balloons> gema, yes I will chair.. I'm sure everyone will take it easy on me while I learn meetbot

    17:29:09 <gema> cool

    17:29:18 <alourie> of course

    17:29:29 * charlie-tca thinks we take it easy on everyone Smile :)

    17:29:32 <balloons> hggdh, yes! so many personalities, so little time

    17:29:53 <gema> ok

    17:30:10 <gema> so moving on with the agenda (because we have a team dinner today and by the looks of it we are running late :P)

    17:30:25 <gema> [TOPIC] Updates Xubuntu

    17:30:40 <gema> charlie-tca: ?

    17:30:46 <charlie-tca> Xubuntu has the new installer working today, maybe-ubiquity

    17:31:07 <charlie-tca> HAven't really had time to run all the images with it yet, but at least it is working on what I tried

    17:31:22 <gema> that's good news

    17:31:29 <balloons> that's awesome news.. hopefully it will stay stable now

    17:31:32 <charlie-tca> Only realy bug I see is the language screen when choosing "Install Xubuntu" from the cd menu

    17:31:47 <hggdh> do you have a bug on it?

    17:31:59 <charlie-tca> https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/911905

    17:32:00 <ubottu> Ubuntu bug 911905 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "hitting enter on install screen 1 forces language to top selection" [High,Confirmed]

    17:32:20 <charlie-tca> ..

    17:32:27 <gema> cool, thanks charlie-tca

    17:32:32 <phillw> it's still there on todays build in lubuntu, charlie-tca I checked b4 the meeting

    17:32:41 <gema> [TOPIC] Updates Lubuntu

    17:32:41 <charlie-tca> Oh, good

    17:33:09 <phillw> nothing too major, except lxpanel eats 100% CPU time, the team are on the case

    17:33:21 <gema> ok

    17:33:27 <phillw> Just for information https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/ReleaseStatus/Precise is updated weekly by our head of Dev

    17:33:53 <gema> ok, thanks for the info

    17:34:06 <gema> anything else from you?

    17:34:25 <phillw> nothing, our young team are getting stuck in at lubuntu-qa

    17:34:49 <gema> getting stuck?

    17:35:05 <phillw> rolling their sleeves up and working Smile :)

    17:35:11 <balloons> phillw, that's a cool page

    17:35:15 <gema> ahhh, ok!

    17:35:38 <phillw> balloons: I'll pass the comment on to 'the boss' Smile :)

    17:36:06 <gema> excellent, so moving on to next topic

    17:36:17 <gema> [TOPIC] Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Mithbuntu

    17:36:34 <gema> anyone from any of these releases that wants to give us an update?

    17:36:36 <micahg> hmm, shouldn't that be Mythbuntu?

    17:36:44 <ScottK> It should.

    17:36:47 <leworks> It should

    17:36:48 <phillw> yup

    17:36:50 <alourie> yea

    17:36:53 <balloons> yes, seems nice concise and too the point.. well done

    17:36:54 <gema> yes, I got your attention!!!

    17:36:56 * hggdh agrees Wink ;-)

    17:37:00 <gema> ScottK: any update?

    17:37:19 <ScottK> Not from me about any of those (not my thing)

    17:37:43 <gema> ScottK: sorry, I forgot Kubuntu

    17:37:44 <gema> Smile :)

    17:38:06 <astraljava> Hmmm... I'm not sure we (Ubuntu Studio) have anyone prepared for this meeting.

    17:38:14 <astraljava> I apologize for that.

    17:38:27 <gema> astraljava: no worries, it is good that we get to talk to you

    17:38:35 <gema> astraljava: and start the collaboration today Smile :)

    17:38:43 <ScottK> Where is the meeting agenda published?

    17:38:43 <astraljava> gema: Yes. I will try to pay more attention from now on.

    17:39:00 <gema> astraljava: excellent, are you guys doing any testing worth mentioning at the moment?

    17:39:15 <astraljava> gema: Not at the moment, there haven't been any big changes.

    17:39:26 <stgraber> I'm also around but I usually post QA relevant stuff for Edubuntu to the release mailing list for our meeting on Friday, don't really have time to attend one more meeting just for QA

    17:39:27 <phillw> ScottK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings

    17:39:35 <ScottK> Thanks.

    17:40:38 <gema> astraljava: ok, thanks for the update

    17:40:55 <ScottK> Since Kubuntu isn't on the agenda, I'll just toss in that KDE SC 4.7.4 for oneiric-proposed is uploading out of my laptop right now, so we'll have that on tap for testing once it's built.

    17:41:02 <gema> stgraber: ok, we will try to keep up with your updates there then

    17:41:17 <hggdh> ScottK: perfect. I will be waiting Wink ;-)

    17:41:30 <micahg> o/

    17:41:35 <hggdh> s/will be /am/

    17:41:39 <phillw> ScottK: feel free to add kubuntu Smile :)

    17:41:41 <gema> ScottK: we'll add Kubuntu to the agenda for next week

    17:41:48 <ScottK> OK.

    17:42:15 <stgraber> gema: thanks. If we have anything big that deserves an agenda item for a QA meeting, I'll make sure we do it, for the usual, we closed 2 bugs and everything still installs/upgrades fine, the release mailing-list is fine.

    17:42:17 <gema> [ACTION] balloons to add Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio to the agenda 17:42:17 * meetingology balloons to add Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio to the agenda

    17:42:25 <gema> stgraber: cool, thanks

    17:42:40 <gema> stgraber: thanks for the update

    17:42:48 <gema> micahg: go ahead

    17:43:17 <micahg> gema: it's not about this, but about Firefox testing, may I continue?

    17:43:27 <gema> micahg: just a sec

    17:43:33 <gema> we are moving to other topics now

    17:43:50 <gema> [TOPIC] Other topics

    17:43:55 <gema> micahg: you can proceed

    17:44:10 <micahg> some background is here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2012-January/001544.html

    17:45:01 <gema> micahg: can you brief us on what you need?

    17:45:02 <micahg> I'll be sending a call for testing e-mail later this evening to ubuntu-qa and some other lists, basically we're migration Firefox in Lucid and Maverick from 3.6.x to Rapid Release (9.0.1 ATM) and we need people to test the packages in -proposed

    17:45:33 <gema> ok, that's good, I am sure someone will be able to undertake the testing

    17:45:49 <gema> micahg: can you make sure that you clearly explain what type of test case you need run?

    17:45:56 <balloons> micahg, does that mean all supported releases will be on rapid release for ff?

    17:46:04 <micahg> balloons: yes Smile :)

    17:46:19 <micahg> gema: yes, I had forgotten to do that, will add before I send it out later, thanks

    17:46:27 <micahg> ..

    17:46:29 <gema> micahg: thanks

    17:46:59 <gema> anything else from anyone?

    17:47:03 <alourie> o/

    17:47:08 <gema> alourie: go for it

    17:47:11 <alourie> the last, I promise Smile :-)

    17:47:15 <alourie> #ubuntu-quality is being closed and merged into this channel, so there.

    17:47:27 <gema> into ubuntu-meeting?

    17:47:31 <alourie> oops

    17:47:34 <alourie> -testing that is

    17:47:38 <hggdh> indeed

    17:47:42 <gema> cool, thanks

    17:47:49 <alourie> so less duplicates here as well

    17:47:57 <hggdh> thank you for remembering it for the record

    17:47:59 <gema> yes, indeed

    17:48:08 <gema> so we are closing the meeting for the day

    17:48:34 <gema> next week balloons takes over from me the meeting chairing, I will cover for him whenever he is not available and phillw can keep covering whenever none of us is available 17:48:43 * balloons +!

    17:48:44 <gema> if anyone wants to chair, please say so , you are more than welcome 17:48:49 * balloons +1

    17:48:59 <alourie> thanks gema for chairing and have you guys a great dinner

    17:49:09 <alourie> and welcome balloons, again Smile :-)

    17:49:11 <hggdh> a good night to all, then

    17:49:13 <gema> thank you all for coming and for contributing

    17:49:18 <gema> #endmeeting

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