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Meeting started by balloons at 17:08:50 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-02-01-17.08.log.html .

Meeting summary

  • Previous Actions

ACTION: :alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion (balloons, 17:19:45)

  • Ubuntu Flavor Updates
  • Other topics

Meeting ended at 17:44:22 UTC.


Action items

  • :alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion

People present (lines said)

  • balloons (58)
  • jibel (12)
  • charlie-tca (7)
  • astraljava (7)
  • gema (5)
  • meetingology (4)
  • phillw (3)
  • ScottK (3)
  • highvoltage (3)
  • albrigha (1)
  • ubottu (1)

Full Log

  • 17:08:50 <balloons> #startmeeting

    17:08:50 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Feb 1 17:08:50 2012 UTC. The chair is balloons. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.

    17:08:50 <meetingology>

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    17:09:00 <balloons> me and my dashes in commands.. whew

    17:09:12 <charlie-tca> Smile :)

    17:09:23 <balloons> ok, it's been quite a week for everyone and I know your busy so I will try and keep this short.

    17:09:26 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:09:57 <balloons> we have 3 outstanding actions.. gema, myself and alourie

    17:10:13 <balloons> Let's start with "gema and balloons to provide feedback from mozilla caseconductor meeting"

    17:11:03 <balloons> gema, feel free to chome in after myself.. Gema and I met with the case conductor folks on friday.

    17:11:10 <gema> will do

    17:12:18 <balloons> We talked about the list of requirements we need for case conductor to support our testing. In particular, we noted we are testing groups of applications, not a single application, and in addition we needed to define tests at an application level, but define test runs and cycles at a higher level

    17:12:24 <albrigha> I'm present btw.

    17:13:08 <balloons> gema, I believe that list of requirements was decided on by the list in dec, correct?

    17:13:20 <gema> yes

    17:14:05 <balloons> great, so if you haven't seen, go look at the list archives. I'll try and find a link in a min as well

    17:14:55 <balloons> The case conductor folks seemed excitied we would be using the product and wanted to make the changes so the tool would be generic enough for others like ourselves to use

    17:15:20 <balloons> our other concern was reporting, which they also mentioned they would be beefing up

    17:16:12 <balloons> overall I think it went well, and we committed to following up with them to help eliminate the confusion surrounding our requests. It wasn't easy for them to get the concept of so many apps and different flavors of ubuntu Smile :-)

    17:17:25 <balloons> In addition, a charm has been created for case conductor, and sometime soon I trust we will have the new version running as a test for everyone to try out

    17:17:39 <balloons> Should happen sometime this month 17:17:46 * balloons crosses fingers

    17:18:06 <balloons> that's it for me on that.. gema?

    17:18:17 <gema> nothing to add, you did a good summary

    17:18:27 <balloons> questions?

    17:18:46 <balloons> here is the link to the archive thread btw: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-qa/2011-December/001805.html

    17:19:10 <balloons> ok, doesn't look like alourie is present, so we will move his action out again

    17:19:28 * balloons alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion

    17:19:45 <balloons> [ACTION]:alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion

    17:19:45 * meetingology :alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion

    17:19:53 <gema> balloons: maybe we should talk to alourie and if he cannot progress this action, have someone else modify the wiki

    17:19:57 <gema> in the meantime

    17:20:35 <balloons> yes, I agree.

    17:20:59 <balloons> last action ACTION: balloons to continue test case review and provide updates on progress

    17:21:59 <balloons> I can update and say that we got all of the nautilus test cases reviewed and in the wiki.. In addition, more have been written and are awaiting entrance to the wiki. We made some good progress

    17:22:54 <balloons> I will note that case conductor will allow us to export our test cases and import them into case conductor when the time comes, so we will not be having to do rework

    17:23:07 <balloons> That also came out of speaking with the cc folks

    17:24:00 <balloons> ok, let's move on

    17:24:23 <balloons> does anyone have anything to add to the agenda? I'll call on you at the end if so

    17:25:02 <balloons> ok.. nice and short then Smile :-)

    17:25:02 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    17:25:16 <balloons> let's start with kubuntu.. anything to update us on?

    17:26:15 <balloons> ScottK?

    17:26:29 <ScottK> Nothing I'm aware of.

    17:26:37 <balloons> ok, thank you

    17:26:40 <ScottK> Darkwing: You got anything?

    17:27:48 <ScottK> I guess not.

    17:27:50 <balloons> :-).. I know charlie-tca is here.. let's move on to xubuntu.. any updates?

    17:28:31 <charlie-tca> hi

    17:28:41 <charlie-tca> I am running out of time to get alpha2 images tested

    17:28:51 <balloons> yes.. time is flying by this week!

    17:29:16 <charlie-tca> I don' t see any real showstoppers, but I don't know if we can get them done in time. Respins are just starting now

    17:29:34 <charlie-tca> We are looking good other than that.

    17:29:36 <charlie-tca> ..

    17:29:49 <balloons> Smile :-) hang tough..

    17:30:10 <balloons> astraljava, ubuntu-studio updates? how are you doing on alpha2 images?

    17:30:28 <astraljava> We are doing them, but at least for me, they're not looking too hot.

    17:30:35 <astraljava> I'm in the process of filing bugs ATM.

    17:30:44 <astraljava> We're debating on whether we need a respin or not.

    17:31:05 <astraljava> ...cause we're missing lightdm-greeter session handling in -default-settings.

    17:31:20 <astraljava> But at least we're getting there. Smile :)

    17:31:20 <astraljava> ..

    17:31:45 <balloons> Smile :-) good luck and thanks! better to have found the bugs now before beta Smile :-)

    17:31:53 <astraljava> Exactly. Smile :)

    17:31:57 <charlie-tca> +1

    17:32:21 <balloons> philw, i believe your around here as wel.. lubuntu updates?

    17:32:36 <balloons> I saw the mailing list post.. did you get any feedback on it/

    17:32:40 <phillw> we still have an issue with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-meta/+bug/918401

    17:32:41 <ubottu> Ubuntu bug 918401 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "Unity-greeter installed by default on Lubuntu, crashing on start" [Undecided,Confirmed]

    17:33:03 <phillw> no reply for a Mac tester, I'm going to ask on the main forum.

    17:33:28 <balloons> phillw, sadly (well happily for me but Smile :-) ) I no longer have a macbook

    17:34:15 <phillw> nothing else to report.

    17:34:53 <balloons> thanks phillw -- if anyone has access to a mac and a dvd reader on said machine, get in contact with philw.. he needs help testing a lubuntu iso

    17:35:07 <balloons> stgraber, highvoltage : how about edubuntu?

    17:36:09 <balloons> ok.. moving on to last topic

    17:36:17 <highvoltage> balloons: I've been doing ISO tests for edubuntu today, new spins coming up soon

    17:36:47 <highvoltage> balloons: last night we had a good UDW session, otherwise all our other stuff is in the ubuntu-release updates

    17:37:09 <balloons> highvoltage, great to hear1

    17:37:31 <balloons> no breaking issues then?

    17:37:39 <highvoltage> nope

    17:38:00 <balloons> awesome..

    17:38:07 <balloons> ok, now we'll move on Wink ;-)

    17:38:08 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topics

    17:38:31 <balloons> gema, or jibel could you give a quick update on iso testing?

    17:38:37 <balloons> from ubuntu side of the fence

    17:39:05 <jibel> hi

    17:39:45 <jibel> we are currently testing Precise Alpha2 for those who missed the post to the ML

    17:40:00 <jibel> Bugs already found http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/reports/defects/opened

    17:40:44 <jibel> all the Ubuntu images are being respun and should be available in the next hours

    17:40:51 <jibel> so stay tuned on #ubuntu-testing

    17:41:14 <balloons> thank you jibel Smile :-)

    17:41:15 <jibel> amd+mac to completely uncovered

    17:41:21 <jibel> s/to/is

    17:41:41 <jibel> if you have a mac and can test Precise on it that'd be greatly appreciated

    17:42:06 <balloons> ohh I see.. http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/206/builds

    17:42:06 <jibel> if you don't have a mac you can help with other images as they appear on the tracker.

    17:42:38 <jibel> and if you run Windows

    17:42:47 <jibel> you can help testing Wubi!

    17:43:03 <jibel> ..

    17:43:31 <balloons> great, one last call for additional topics?

    17:43:37 <balloons> last chance.. Smile :-)

    17:44:11 <balloons> ok, sounds good. Happy testing to everyone and good luck on alpha 2!

    17:44:22 <balloons> #endmeeting