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ACTION: phillw to provide draft on wiki updates to activities and automated testing pages (balloons, 17:13:06)

  • Ubuntu Updates
  • Ubuntu Flavor Updates
  • Blueprint updates / discussion
  • Other topics

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Action items

  • phillw to provide draft on wiki updates to activities and automated testing pages

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  • phillw
  • * phillw to provide draft on wiki updates to activities and automated testing pages

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  • Riddell (12)
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  • 17:04:27 <balloons> #startmeeting Ubuntu QA

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    17:04:51 <balloons> I'll go ahead and ask for a brief roll call, while I grab the agenda Smile :-)

    17:05:03 <albrigha> o/ 17:05:06 * charlie-tca here

    17:05:25 <phillw> o/

    17:06:00 <balloons> hello everyone

    17:06:05 <balloons> first item on the agenda

    17:06:27 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions 17:06:36 * balloons phillw to update wiki to better reflect activities and automated testing pages

    17:06:54 <balloons> phillw, any updates on this?

    17:06:55 <phillw> I've had a dig around, and the main source of information seems to be https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-automated-test-submissions does anyone know of any other infornmation?

    17:07:59 <phillw> I apologise, life has been a little hectic of late. I will ask on the mailing list / search archives etc. to try and garner further information this week.

    17:09:51 <balloons> no worries phillw.. Happy to have you working on it

    17:10:39 <balloons> i believe the idea was to change up the wiki page a bit to give more light to the activities link

    17:11:38 <phillw> Hopefully with feature freeze imminent, things will quieten down a bit.

    17:11:54 <balloons> yes.. this week has been quite busy

    17:12:01 <balloons> and the work previous

    17:12:02 <balloons> Smile :-)

    17:12:15 <phillw> I'll have a draft up before the next meeting and circualte it.

    17:12:23 <balloons> so for instance on this page, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam, the activities is still buried as a link

    17:12:33 <balloons> sounds great..

    17:13:06 <balloons> [ACTION] phillw to provide draft on wiki updates to activities and automated testing pages 17:13:06 * meetingology phillw to provide draft on wiki updates to activities and automated testing pages

    17:13:12 <balloons> ok, moving along

    17:13:45 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates

    17:14:13 <balloons> ok, Lucid ISO testing for 10.04.4 is going on today.. I know everyone is busy busy

    17:14:44 <balloons> I have been as hammered as everyone else, but I plan to do so testing this afternoon on those isos

    17:15:05 <balloons> not sure if jibel wants to say anything more.. he's likely knee-deep right now

    17:15:36 <charlie-tca> o/

    17:15:54 <balloons> go ahead charlie-tca

    17:16:37 <charlie-tca> I am testing Kubuntu, and that could use any help we can get. I think 10.04.4 is Kubuntu and Ubuntu only, isn't it?

    17:16:59 <charlie-tca> Ubuntu is looking pretty good, but nothing is done yet for Kubuntu

    17:17:01 <charlie-tca> ..

    17:17:06 <balloons> charlie-tca, yes it should be only those 2

    17:17:24 <balloons> I know ScottK was asking for help as well.. I'll do some kubuntu isos Smile :-)

    17:17:52 <balloons> if anyone else has a spare moment, they would greatly appreciate it

    17:18:25 <balloons> the other update for ubuntu is feature freeze as phillw mentioned, and it affects everyone. Lots of calls for testing have gone out this week and last in preparation for it

    17:18:56 <balloons> i'll talk more about those "calls for testing" at the end.. I wanted to get some feedback from everyone

    17:19:08 <balloons> any questions?

    17:19:10 <Riddell> thanks balloons

    17:19:43 <balloons> k, let's move on to the flavors! Smile :-)

    17:19:48 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    17:19:52 <balloons> yvw Riddell

    17:20:20 <balloons> Riddell, since your here.. anything additional to share on Kubuntu?

    17:20:38 <Riddell> umm, what's the meeting?

    17:21:14 <balloons> Smile :-) this is for the QA team

    17:21:15 <Riddell> QA?

    17:21:19 <balloons> yep yep

    17:21:36 <Riddell> I just put telepathy-kde on the CD, that needs testing to decide if it's better or worse than (unmaintained) kopete

    17:22:05 <Riddell> owncloud could do with some testing (come to #kubuntu-devel to try it out with music streaming!)

    17:22:36 <Riddell> we hope to get kubuntu-active CDs being made soon, that'll be i386 simple live sessions test, not install

    17:22:57 <Riddell> means we'd be the first distro with a tablet edition I think

    17:23:50 <balloons> kubuntu-active?

    17:23:51 <Riddell> and of course kubuntu isn't going to be supported by canonical any more so we'll need to consider how that affects QA in future

    17:24:17 <balloons> Riddell, any plans to change up how qa works in kubuntu?

    17:24:18 <Riddell> kubuntu-active is a proposed remix of kubuntu with plasma active, the tablet UI http://www.plasma-active.org/

    17:24:28 <Riddell> we have no plans yet

    17:24:56 <balloons> ahh.. ok, plasma-active is neat.. will be interesting to see where that goes

    17:25:10 <balloons> ok.. anything else to update or questions for kubuntu?

    17:25:58 <Riddell> that's all

    17:26:22 <balloons> thanks Riddell

    17:26:34 <balloons> phillw, can you update us on lubuntu?

    17:27:35 <phillw> usual hectic stuff, the alternate iso's are still over-sized but that is being worked on. We seem now to have enough people interested for Power PC testing to happen. As such I created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/PPC

    17:28:33 <phillw> If anyone is familiar with adding the ppc emulation in qemu (KVM), please do give a hint!

    17:29:01 <phillw> that's about it from lubuntu.

    17:29:50 <balloons> thanks phillw -- I saw the thread about messing about with qemu -- I hadn't used qemu in awhile. back in the days of qemu and kqemu Smile :-)

    17:30:29 <balloons> how about xubuntu?

    17:30:45 <charlie-tca> We seem to be in pretty good shape

    17:30:55 <charlie-tca> all images are at least working, even if they are oversize.

    17:31:15 <charlie-tca> The oversize is expected at least until after Feature Freeze, when Ubuntu quits adding things

    17:31:46 <charlie-tca> We are trying to keep up with daily testing as much as possible.

    17:32:04 <charlie-tca> I am hopeless when it comes to automating the testing for Xubuntu.

    17:32:05 <charlie-tca> ..

    17:33:01 <balloons> charlie-tca, on the automation piece, do you feel xubuntu could piggyback onto the tools ubuntu uses / plans to use?

    17:33:20 <balloons> err.. well is xfce moving to gtk3?

    17:33:20 <charlie-tca> I can't. I don't have the background to figure out how to do it

    17:33:53 <charlie-tca> Xfce won't move to gtk3 until 4.10, so we will have both gtk2 and gtk3 until then, probably Xubuntu 12.10

    17:35:15 <balloons> ok.. no 4.10 in plans for precise (I don't think it releases to almost after precise Smile :-) )

    17:35:24 <charlie-tca> The chances of Xfce 4.10 coming out in time for precise are slim]

    17:35:31 <balloons> ok, but they are moving.. I would assume then it might be possible

    17:35:37 <charlie-tca> We keep hoping, though.

    17:35:40 <balloons> something to think aboue

    17:36:16 <balloons> alright, how about ubuntu studio?

    17:36:31 <balloons> astraljava or anyone else about?

    17:38:23 <balloons> alright moving on.. edubuntu.. any updateS/

    17:38:29 <balloons> stgraber, or highvoltage ?

    17:38:46 <stgraber> nothing for edubuntu

    17:39:01 <balloons> thanks Smile :-)

    17:39:04 <balloons> ok, moving topics

    17:39:11 <balloons> [TOPIC] Blueprint updates / discussion

    17:39:22 <balloons> anyone want to discuss anything from the blueprints?

    17:39:32 <balloons> or give an update, request help, etc?

    17:39:59 <balloons> going once, twice..

    17:40:05 <balloons> sold, and moving on Smile :-)

    17:40:11 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topics

    17:40:27 <balloons> Ok, last on the agenda.. anyone have anything to add before we get into these final topics?

    17:40:32 <balloons> i'll add you to the list right now Smile :-)

    17:41:25 <balloons> ok, let's start then

    17:41:30 <balloons> first up is Lucid ISO Testing Updates

    17:42:22 <balloons> I gave them for ubuntu, and the kubuntu guys have spoken about them for kubuntu.. if you can, please help test.. Riddell, if someone wants to help test kubuntu lucid 10.04.4 isos, is there an irc channel to hang out in?

    17:43:11 <Riddell> welcome in #kubuntu-devel

    17:43:29 <balloons> awesome, thanks

    17:44:38 <balloons> next I wanted to speak about my "Calls for Testing" that have gone out.. these calls are still a work in progress, but I was hoping to get feedback from everyone if they felt they were helpful and they liked the format of them or not, etc

    17:45:33 <balloons> any comments are appreciated if you got them Wink ;-) I want to get more / better tools and metrics around doing this manual testing and I would take ideas on that as well.. both what we can do in the short-term as well as long-term

    17:45:36 <charlie-tca> o/

    17:45:56 <balloons> go ahead charlie-tca

    17:46:17 <charlie-tca> I think the wording of the last three or four was great. I also like the fact that you are explaining the issues involved in messing up the install on your blog entries.

    17:46:48 <charlie-tca> Letting people know if they do the test, they may have to reinstall to get back to where they were is always a good idea.

    17:47:03 <charlie-tca> and thanks for your patience in explaining things.

    17:47:16 <charlie-tca> .

    17:47:17 <charlie-tca> ..

    17:47:51 <balloons> charlie-tca, thanks for the feedback.. glad it's coming across as making sense

    17:48:30 <charlie-tca> I usually try to see what the new people will be seeing. It is making good sense at this time.

    17:48:59 <balloons> excellent to hear Smile :-)

    17:49:13 <balloons> we're pushing our time, so I'll move on to the last item

    17:49:14 <balloons> Manual TestCase Review Updates

    17:49:21 <balloons> albrigha, I'll let you speak a bit Smile :-)

    17:49:32 <albrigha> Hello!

    17:49:43 <albrigha> well I completed copying over the wiki test cases to the test case spreadsheet

    17:50:09 <albrigha> hopefully that will help on reworking them. otherwise I haven't done much more with them

    17:50:22 <albrigha> there was some debating on updating them, etc. and i'm rather distracted with another project >_<

    17:50:55 <albrigha> here is the spreadsheet document if others don't have it: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgtV30nnv18edFQzNVB4S2duOWNOT05zaHo3S0pNekE&hl=en_US#gid=0

    17:51:30 <albrigha> i learned a lot while copying them over however, right now there isn't a lot of consistency

    17:52:07 <balloons> i have been attempting to push out and get in any rewrites as quickly as possible. we've had a couple edits directly on the wiki as well.. some new tests for shotwell which never existed, etc

    17:52:34 <balloons> so work is continuing and I appreciate all the work that has been done. we'll get there Smile :-)

    17:52:40 <balloons> thanks albrigha

    17:52:49 <balloons> anything else from anyone? questions / comments?

    17:53:27 <balloons> if not, let's call this meeting a wrap. Thanks for attending everyone. Hopefully the coming weeks will find all of us just a bit less busy! Wink ;-)

    17:53:44 <balloons> #endmeeting

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