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  • Ubuntu Flavor Updates
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  • 14:01:50 <balloons> #startmeeting Ubuntu QA

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    14:02:07 <balloons> can we get a roll call of who's about and listening in?

    14:02:13 <astraljava> o/

    14:02:15 <kanliot> o/

    14:03:23 <astraljava> Well, it's +33% than the last time around. Big Grin :)

    14:03:45 <balloons> astraljava, Smile :-)

    14:03:50 <balloons> I was an hour early today

    14:03:52 <astraljava> Or is it actually +50%? I suck at math.

    14:04:27 <balloons> all the calenders just lie now that daylight savings happened

    14:04:37 <astraljava> balloons: What, you still don't have DST nailed down? Smile :)

    14:04:41 <balloons> so let me grab the agenda and we'll get started

    14:04:45 <balloons> astraljava, nope..

    14:04:48 <balloons> clearly I don't 14:04:56 * astraljava snickers

    14:05:36 <balloons> hmm... no previous actions it seems

    14:06:09 <balloons> ahh.. wait..

    14:06:12 <balloons> there is one Smile :-)

    14:06:19 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions 14:06:39 * balloons patrickmw to publish a list of launchpad projects that conform our automated testing in jenkins.

    14:07:06 <balloons> Looks like patrickmw isn't in here to answer sadly

    14:08:09 <balloons> let's move on

    14:08:28 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates

    14:08:52 <balloons> jibel, are you about?

    14:09:51 <balloons> guess not

    14:10:02 <balloons> I can give somewhat of an update Smile :-)

    14:10:32 <balloons> So, planning has begun for next cycle and the first ideas are being floated for blueprints

    14:11:31 <balloons> As a QA team, we're in the home stretch now with RC iso testing remaining to do

    14:12:04 <balloons> ahh gema is here..

    14:12:15 <gema> yes Smile :)

    14:12:16 <balloons> gema, I was attempting to update on ubuntu qa happenings

    14:12:23 <balloons> care to toss in a few words

    14:12:37 <balloons> I mentioned remaining iso testing, start of planning

    14:12:50 <gema> so we are in the final sprint now, trying to get the most critical bugs fixed and trying to spot any regressions

    14:13:22 <gema> starting tomorrow, it'd be good if we all tried to run the install test cases and some basic smoke testing once the system is installed (checkbox tests, maybe) so that we are sure

    14:13:30 <gema> we don't introduce any regressions

    14:13:53 <gema> that's all from me

    14:14:04 <balloons> thank you gema!

    14:14:10 <balloons> any questions?

    14:14:33 <balloons> alrighty, moving on then

    14:14:36 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    14:14:51 <balloons> astraljava, let's have you start us off if you would

    14:15:17 <astraljava> Sure thing. For Studio, we're anxiously waiting for the new lowlatency kernel to land.

    14:15:42 <astraljava> A couple of other usability bugs are waiting to be squashed, but sadly our court uploader is rather busy atm.

    14:16:19 <astraljava> Just wrote to our mailing lists a show of hands/discs/usb sticks for RC testing.

    14:16:31 <astraljava> But all in all, looking good so far.

    14:16:43 <astraljava> For Xubuntu, not much to report.

    14:17:03 <astraljava> Some minor bugs are being reported every now and again, but nothing to worry about.

    14:17:05 <astraljava> ..

    14:17:17 <balloons> right.. and still shipping 4.8

    14:17:29 <balloons> awesome.. glad to hear things are finishing up nicely

    14:17:32 <astraljava> Yes, and most likely 4.10 won't make it for Q cycle either.

    14:17:50 <balloons> ohh, why's that?

    14:17:58 <astraljava> It's slow progress.

    14:18:10 <astraljava> But that's purely speculative.

    14:18:12 <astraljava> ..

    14:18:26 <balloons> kanliot, care to talk about lubuntu?

    14:18:39 <kanliot> thx

    14:18:43 <kanliot> everything is ok

    14:18:47 <kanliot> end of report?

    14:19:08 <astraljava> Smile :)

    14:19:16 <balloons> kanliot, awesome

    14:19:45 <balloons> not sure if anyone from Kubuntu is about

    14:19:55 <balloons> but they had some big news come out this past week

    14:21:52 <balloons> kubuntu is going to be sponsored by blue systems, and riddell will continue to support and maintain it in that capacity

    14:22:03 <balloons> so congrats to them Wink ;-)

    14:22:17 <astraljava> \o/

    14:22:18 <balloons> finally, anyone from edubuntu about who cares to give an update?

    14:23:17 <balloons> astraljava, did you have something?

    14:23:41 <astraljava> Oh, no. Just a hoo-ray for Kubuntu's sake. Smile :)

    14:24:20 <balloons> ah-hah.. I figured

    14:24:23 <balloons> ok, let

    14:24:27 <balloons> let's move on

    14:24:44 <balloons> [TOPIC] Blueprint updates / discussion

    14:24:54 <balloons> not sure anyone has anything to add here.. speak up if so

    14:25:20 <balloons> you can see the overall status of canonical qa team here: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-platform-qa.html

    14:26:35 <balloons> overall, things look in great shape.. I was looking at the flavors as well.. xubuntu, ubuntu-studio both as almost complete

    14:26:38 <balloons> so kudos

    14:26:48 <balloons> anyone wish to add anything?

    14:26:51 <astraljava> Thanks, I'll pass on to Scott.

    14:27:18 <astraljava> ...and Pasi.

    14:27:35 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topics

    14:27:47 <balloons> last but not least everyone's favorite catch-all bucket

    14:27:57 <balloons> anything to discuss or mention?

    14:29:42 <balloons> well, my news is that as gema mentioned, I'll be doing iso testing tomorrow of the daily iso, and then running the checkbox tests, looking for regressions. I will send an email to the list with more instructions.. Further, having folks about to help answer questions for first-timers would be good in #ubuntu-testing (never a bad place to idle)

    14:31:14 <balloons> the idea is to do it on thursday until end of month release happens.. so if your not too busy with end of cycle activities, give it a whirl.. it's less pressure than traditionally iso testing, and you can pick what iso and tests to run Smile :-) Every bit helps and happy regression hunting

    14:31:30 <balloons> that's it for me

    14:31:37 <balloons> if no one has anything else, we'll end

    14:32:48 <balloons> ok,thanks everyone for being here.. thanks kanliot for stepping in for phillw.. will we be seeing you for several weeks while he is out?

    14:32:57 <kanliot> yes

    14:32:59 <kanliot> Smile :)

    14:33:04 <balloons> Smile :-)

    14:33:11 <balloons> #endmeeting

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