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  • 14:06:50 <balloons> #startmeeting ubuntu qa community

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    14:08:10 <balloons> ok, agenda time 14:08:43 * balloons balloons to update qa.ubuntu.com theme

    14:08:50 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    14:09:36 <balloons> I still have the action to do the update -- it's still in progress.. I don't like holding it around for this long. I think I will remove it from the agenda and report when it's complete

    14:09:49 <balloons> moving on

    14:09:56 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates

    14:10:21 <smartboyhw> balloons, what did I miss?

    14:10:22 <epikvision> Ok I'm back.

    14:10:30 <smartboyhw> Hi also epikvision

    14:10:35 <balloons> This week the RC iso's will come out, culminating a cycle's worth of effort by everyone

    14:10:42 <epikvision> Good morning smartboyhw

    14:10:55 <balloons> smartboyhw, nothing really

    14:11:00 <smartboyhw> balloons, oh?

    14:12:04 <epikvision> What's more recommended? Fresh install of RC or upgrade to RC

    14:12:21 <epikvision> From stable build?

    14:12:23 <balloons> Testing is being focused on the new features for quantal for those who have upgraded.. Things like the new unity, the new suggestions feature, the webapps integration

    14:12:34 <balloons> epikvision, ahh from yourself running precise?

    14:12:55 <epikvision> I have a computer on precise, and another on daily build.

    14:12:58 <balloons> you may do etheir, both with test things, but in different ways

    14:13:15 <balloons> upgrade testing is always helpful

    14:13:23 <smartboyhw> Yeah:D

    14:15:33 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:15:35 <balloons> quickly, do we have any other comments on ubuntu? I sent a mail as well talking about ARM testing and looking for regressions. At this point in the cycle, we must really be mindful of not regressing on features from previous releases, or from earlier in the cycle even

    14:15:52 <smartboyhw> balloons, no:D

    14:15:57 <balloons> if not, we'll move into the open topics Smile :-)

    14:16:02 <smartboyhw> :_)

    14:16:04 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other Updates

    14:16:20 <balloons> ok, anyone have anything to share?

    14:16:27 <smartboyhw> \o

    14:16:36 <balloons> go ahead smartboyhw

    14:16:45 <smartboyhw> balloons, few questions

    14:17:07 <epikvision> How do I upgrade a package? My libreoffice on daily build still has that text selection bug, but fix has been released. How can I upgrade my Libreoffice to the updated package?

    14:17:11 <smartboyhw> 1. The Ubuntu Studio post-installation testcase is going to be ported today from the sandbox to the main area, just a inform:D

    14:17:15 <epikvision> Sorry smartboyhw

    14:17:42 <smartboyhw> epikvision, NP we can talk about it later but it is a QA meeting not a support channel:D

    14:18:03 <smartboyhw> 2. Since I come to the meeting late balloons is the QA site still not fixed?

    14:19:09 <balloons> 1) Excellent news

    14:19:14 <balloons> 2) No it's still not

    14:19:19 <smartboyhw> Alright then

    14:19:25 <smartboyhw> 3. Where is phillw?

    14:19:26 <smartboyhw> Big Grin :)

    14:19:28 <balloons> but it's still on the list.. It's not been forgotten

    14:19:55 <balloons> it likely won't happen till after release, when there aren't release critical pieces to work on

    14:20:05 <smartboyhw> Smile :)

    14:20:20 <balloons> any other questions?

    14:20:34 <smartboyhw> balloons, you saw my third question?:D

    14:21:40 <balloons> phillw, I would gather is on the earth somewhere.. most likely his home country, and most likely his home

    14:21:53 <smartboyhw> balloons, LOL

    14:22:23 <smartboyhw> Anyway nothing:D

    14:22:24 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:23:31 <balloons> hehe

    14:23:41 <balloons> with that, I think we're done, heh

    14:23:46 <smartboyhw> Ya

    14:23:48 <smartboyhw> *Yay

    14:23:52 <balloons> I hope everyone is ready and gearing up for greatness

    14:23:58 <balloons> #endmeeting

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