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Ubuntu QA 9.10 Roadmap



Tracking & Fixing

  • Fixing Bugs With Patches IconsPage/OK.png

    • A session with engineering teams on processing bugs with patches attached. High (i) BrianMurray

  • Regression Immunisation IconsPage/OK.png

    • Put in place procedures to discover major upstream infrastructure changes early and chart the regression potential inherent in these for our users. Use this information at around Feature Freeze to decide whether to push out the new changes or roll back. High (i) DaveMurphy



Test coverage

Install & upgrade


  • Metrics Based Testing IconsPage/OK.png IconsPage/green.png

    • Track the evolution of certain parameters such as boot speed and power usage that may not have a clear pass/fail threshold but for which historical data is desireable. We will extend out infrastructure to collect and display such data. Essential MarcTardif

  • Virtual Testing Environments IconsPage/OK.png

    • Use regularly updated KVM instances that can be downloaded with various versions of Ubuntu for testing and debugging. Also consider instances that people can log into remotely. Medium SteveBeattie

  • Testing Weather Report IconsPage/OK.png IconsPage/red.png

    • A web application similar to the Ubuntu release weather report oriented towards Ubuntu pre-release testers that will display various bits of relevant information on the state of the development branch. Medium MuratGüneş

  • Checkbox Enhancements IconsPage/OK.png IconsPage/amber.png

    • Various modifications to Checkbox to a) improve the user experience and b) provide required functionality for other Checkbox related blueprints. High DaveMurphy

  • Checkbox Wishlist IconsPage/OK.png IconsPage/red.png

    • Further modifications to Checkbox that are low priority or not fully defined. Although they are targeted for Karmic, they will only be tackled if there is time. Low DaveMurphy


IconsPage/OK.png Approved

IconsPage/warning.png Needs drafting

IconsPage/IconNote.png Needs cleanup

(i) - Informational

IconsPage/green.png - beta/complete

IconsPage/amber.png - on track

IconsPage/red.png - at risk/deferred

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