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## page was copied from QATeam/SRUReports/2010-07-14

SRU Activity report for the past week (since 2010-07-07)

  • 30 new packages in -proposed (acpi-support, apt-cacher-ng, at-spi, banshee-community-extensions, base-files, chromium-browser, debian-installer, dell-recovery, docky, evince, firmware-addon-dell, gjs, gnome-orca, gnome-panel, gwibber, ia32-libs, lhs2tex, libmediawiki-perl, libnotify, libusb, libvirt, linux-ec2, nautilus, openoffice.org-dictionaries, pyabiword, scim, tomcat6, ureadahead, vm-builder)
  • 9 packages pushed to -updates (ant, app-install-data-partner, atk1.0, eucalyptus, jsch, lemonpos, liferea, pam, qemu-kvm)
  • 9 packages released in -security (cacao, chromium-browser, ghostscript, kvirc, libpng, mahara, mapserver, pam, squirrelmail)
  • 1 new package in -proposed (libmediawiki-perl)
  • 3 packages pushed to -updates (ant, bash-completion, kpackagekit)
  • 11 packages release in -security (cacao, ghostscript, kvirc, libpng, mahara, mapserver, mediawiki, pam, phpgroupware, squirrelmail, zonecheck)
  • 2 packages pushed to -updates (ant, cherrypy3)
  • 15 packages release in -security (cacao, cyrus-imapd-2.2, ghostscript, kvirc, libpng, mahara, mediawiki, opensc, phpgroupware, phpldapadmin, pmount, squirrelmail, trac-git, xapian-omega, zonecheck)
  • 1 package pushed to -updates (linux)
  • 7 packages released in -security (eggdrop, ghostscript, libfishsound, libpng, mapserver, mediawiki, squirrelmail)
  • 1 package release in -security (libpng)

Thanks to Adam Guthrie, AJB, Alex Chiang, andschuster, Andy Whitcroft, Attila Hammer, Ben Rousch, btmorex, Cesare Mastroianni, Chow Loong Jin, Dave Walker, Eric Garrido, Gavin Munday, Geek87, glance, Guillaume Font, Guillaume Mazoyer, Hans-Peter Schadler, Jean-Baptiste Lallement, Jonathan Blackhall, Joshua Hoover, Luke Yelavich, matze, Micah Gersten, Miklos Juhasz, Omer Akram, Pedro Villavicencio, Rafal-maj-it, R. Jones, spaetz, Tor-björn Claesson, Valombre, and Variate for testing proposed packages this week.

As always, you can see the current set of packages needing testing in the -proposed queue at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html . Your assistance in testing is always appreciated!

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